Power Supplies

• Ranges from 0.5A to 40A • Redundancy options • AC and DC input voltages • Single and 3-phase versions • UPS Control units/ Battery backup units • DC-to-DC converters


Would you accept a power failure in your application?

Our power supplies for your applications are never-ending


Your automation system is operated to meet exacting standards. That's why you should demand a power supply that meets your individual requirements and gives you 100% reliability. At Weidmüller we provide the perfect power supply solution to meet your needs: whether for supplying electrical components in machine construction, for process automation, or power generation systems. We always focus on providing real-world practicality. We offer useful add-on modules so that your power supply can be designed to perfectly fit you requirements.

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Increase your output power 


Power supplies connected directly in parallel can be used to customise the output power level for your power supply system.

INSTAPOWER power supplies: Up to three units can be connected in parallel.

PRO-M power supplies: Up to five units can be connected in parallel. Thanks to our optional diode modules, you can be informed promptly and precisely whenever there is an outage at an individual unit.  


Active load balancing


Active load balancing (active current sharing) is used to equally distribute the load current across two power supplies. This ensures significantly improved availability for the total power supply, since each power supply is always operated at no more than half of its rated load.


Take a look at our online product catalog to discover our entire range of power supplies. You'll be sure to find a solution to meet your needs with the help of one or our qualified technical support representatives.  

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