Surge Protection

• For analog, status and network signals • Discharges up to 20kA (8/20μs) • Pluggable, replaceable SPD versions • Local and remote status indication • SPD element testing option • Single, multi-stage and floating signal protection • Integrated ground contact in base element


Weidmuller has extended its line of Surge Protection devices to include a new line of signal, data, and power protection devices.


SPD Series: DIN-Rail Mountable Surge Protection Family

Weidmuller’s SPD II 1 series transient voltage surge protectors consist of a range of innovative, compact modules for the protection of low voltage AC distribution systems or (PV models) for DC photovoltaic installations. Each module is a two-part construction, comprising a TS35 DINrail mountable base and a pluggable replaceable arrester, with each single-conductor assembly only 18mm wide.



VARITECTOR: For Instrumentation, Control & Automation Circuits

With the VARITECTOR SPC and SSC, Weidmuller offers a new family of surge protection devices for control and instrumentation (C&I) applications.  In industrial control systems, it is often necessary to protect instrumentation against electrical surges, caused by remote lightning strikes. These surges can distort signals and damage connected devices. Varitector allows users to ensure their C&I devices are protected from lightning induced surges in cables.



SD Series: Data and Signal Protection

The SD Series are user-friendly devices for protecting electronic equipment and systems against surges on signal and I/O cabling. The exceptionally high packing densities are the result of an ultra slim footprint for individual modules, which can double-up as feedback terminals. Each module provides full hybrid surge protection for 2 and 3-wire loop protection.



SLP Series: Transmitter and Sensor Protection

The SLP Series provides 20kA power surge protection for process control, equipment systems and distribution panels. The multi-stage hybrid surge protection network at the heart of the SLP uses a combination of solid state electronics and a gas filled discharge tube (GDT) to provide surge protection up to 20kA. This impressive surge protection circuit is designed to exhibit exceptionally low line resistance and adds only a minimal voltage drop to the circuit.



MA15 Series: AC & DC Power Protection

The MA15 Series of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the effects of noise pollution induced in power supplies. MA15 units filter out and suppress the effects of industrial noise and surges caused by lightning, switching devices, thyristor controls, transmission system overloads and power-factor correction circuits.



TP48 Series: Transmitter and Sensor Protection

The TP48 Series of transmitter protectors safeguards electronic process transmitters against induced surges and transients from field cabling. They uniquely provide a level of protection for 2, 3 and 4 wire fieldmounted transmitters that greatly exceeds the optional transient protection facilities available from the transmitter manufacturers without any additional wiring, conduit modifications or other expensive extras.

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