Wireless Mesh I/O & Gateway


Wireless Gateways provide wireless connectivity between  data buses - connectivity between devices using the same  data bus, or between different data buses (Ethernet to Profibus to DeviceNet to Modbus etc). Wireless gateways are similar in operation to wireless modems, however gateways only provide a register interface to the data bus, transferring I/O registers only.


Wireless Mesh Multi I/O and Gateway
  • IP-based addressing has the unique ability to MESH between I/O radios for automatic network healing and reliable data communications
  • Unlimited number of repeater hops in one system
  • On board multi-I/O channels for two way communications
  • Frequency Hopping 902-928 MHz 1W license-free USA/Canada
  • Unrivaled scalability allowing for thousands if I/O points in one system
  • Automatic connection of up to 31 I/O expansion modules (WI-I/O-EX-I-S-XX) per wireless unit
  • Simple software upgrade to Ethernet TCP/IP or Modbus

  • USB/Ethernet and over-the-air configuration and programming




  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • 902-928 MHz 1W license-free USA/Canada
  • Configurable sub-bands license-free Mexico, South America, Australia/NZ, Hong Kong


  • Connects to data bus at full bus speed (e.g. 12Mb/s for Profibus, 100Mb/s for Ethernet)
  • Provides Protocol Conversion (Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet)
  • Can interconnect master-slave, slave-slave and master-master Interconnects different data buses - wireless protocol conversion
  • Provides a peer-to-peer wireless network using WIB-net High security data encryption
  • Automatic acknowledgment and error-correction
  • Multiple path routing
  • Eight on-board discrete I/O, individually configurable as input or output
  • Network configuration is performed with easy-to-use free software
  • Wide range power supply with integral back-up battery-charging feature
  • 6 versions to meet your protocol needs
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