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Would you like a specialist partner who is not only able to supply you with the exact products that you need, but one that can also provide you with fast and uncomplicated support? Our design-in application specialists know your working environment intimately and are more than happy to provide you with assistance with your individual solution, from drawing up specifications to implementing series production. Our comprehensive online product configurator, which provides 3D models that can be downloaded for free, helps you with making your decision when choosing from our product range. And if you need a solution quickly, we can provide you with our special service – as the sole manufacturer, we can supply you with your free design-in prototype sample within 72 hours. Choose the product you would like from our OMNIMATE Power, Signal and Housing product ranges at www.sample-service.com.


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The new sample service for OMNIMATE® device connectivity products is quick and easy to use.


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Discover our product configurator and make your device connection technology and electronic housings according to your wishes.


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