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stripax® ULtimate

Strip hard, halogen-free cable insulation with ease
stripax® ULtimate accelerates your cable-related processes


The “stripax® ULtimate” was developed in response to an increasing demand for a quick and precise strip tool for halogen-free insulation and other wires specified for use in high temperature environments, such as those classified by UL as THHN and SIS. 


Harsh industrial environments, such as ship building and wind power, are subject to specifications for flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and halogen-free cables that must withstand temperatures from - 40 °F to 293 °F.  These materials have high impact, crack and scratch resistant qualities that reduce the effectiveness and lifetime of conventional stripping tools.  


The unique “stripax® Ultimate” blade set allows it to strip most halogen-free insulation materials and other tough insulation types from AWG 26... 10, up to a length of 1 inch.



Our stripax® Ultimate is therefore specially designed for demanding tasks like this. Its specially shaped blade makes it easy to cleanly remove the insulation from halogen-free and similar conductors.
New components, improved materials and precisely matched parts make stripax® ULtimate an especially robust stripping tool with which you can completely satisfy professional requirements.

NEW Stripax ULtimate XL


Large gauge cable with tough insulation is used in numerous fields, from control lines, ground cables, motor connection lines to power bus lines.  In every case, stripping the insulation can be a challenge. The new stripax® ULtimate XL tackles this task with little adjustment for cables from 14 – 8 AWG.  It works especially well on sheath materials made of PUR, used in sensor actuator lines due to a set screw that can be adjusted for cables with a thick insulating jacket.

 stripax ultimate xl with cutting blades

Product benefits:


Fast, cleanly and precisely

The unique stripax® ULtimate set of blades allows you to strip all halogen-free, as well as UL and similar cables.

Simple prefabrication

stripax® ULtimate's new 3-stage partial stripping function, the only automatic selfsetting stripping tool on the market, allows highly accurate prefabrication of hard insulation materials.

NEW Stripax ULtimate XL

Adjustment screw for very hard insulation, large gauge wire, or thick insulation on PUR insulated sensor actuator cables.