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maxGUARD electronic load monitoring

Load monitoring and potential distribution combined
maxGUARD – taking control voltage distribution to a new level

connectPower PROmax switched-mode power supply unit

Powerful power supply for machines and systems
PROmax offers flexible solutions for ambitious automation

DC/DC converters

Stabilise control voltages in 24 V DC systems
Compact and powerful DC/DC converters for an everlasting supply

Switched-mode power supply units connectPower PROeco

Tackle power supply economically
PROeco bundles all of the basic functions in a compact design

Safe energy in automation

By suitably interconnecting high-availability with practical add-on modules and uninterruptable power supply units, Weidmüller provides power supply solutions that meet the most challenging standards. Just like the new powerful PROmax series.

Tackle power supply economically

Power supply expert Minwei Xu from Weidmüller explains the properties of the new PROeco series, which combines high performance, failure protection and a low height