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TERMSERIES - The All-Rounder    

Weidmuller’s TERMSERIES offers innovative pluggable electromechanical and solid-state relays equipped with one or two changeover contacts housed in a slim 6.4 mm or 12.8 mm design with matching profiles that can be combined as required in the customer’s application and reliably switch loads of up to 8A at 250V.



Gigabit Router for Secure Data Communications

Weidmuller announces the launch of two new Gigabit Routers that have been developed specifically for use in industrial networking solutions. These are designed to offer secure and reliable communication between Ethernet-based systems as well as higher-level networks.



Circuit Breakers: BR Series & SU Series

Compared to traditional fuse installation, the new UL489 and CSA compliant circuit breakers assist with the complex task of selecting correct types and characteristics and offer a less bulky installation solution. Our range of miniature, molded-case circuit breakers, in combination with our accessories for factory or on-site installation, offer enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. Installation kits include all parts and instructions to make the on-site job easy. Weidmuller supplies UL489 compliant 1, 2 and 3-pole-type circuit breakers from 0.5 to 60 Ampere and with type C and D characteristics.




Serial to Ethernet Converters 

Weidmuller announces an addition to the Industrial Ethernet Portfolio with new serial to Ethernet converters. Providing a simple and reliable method for integrating serial port devices into industrial Ethernet networks, Weidmuller’s serial/Ethernet converters help maintain existing automation components while upgrading the overall infrastructure.



UL Approved Wire-End Ferrules

Weidmüller provides a comprehensive range of accessories including UL approved wire-end ferrules which guarantee the long-term consistent quality of your electrical connection, insulated cable lugs, flat blade connectors, and ferrule assortments.  For more information about the many benefits of using wire-end ferrules, such as increased safety and cost savings, please take a look at our white paper entitled,
Ferrules: Your Best Insurance Against Costly Connection Failure”. 


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Wireless Mesh I/O and Gateway

The WI-I/O-9-U2 combines multi I/O and/or gateway functionality with the reliability of secure and scalable mesh distance communications. Using IP-based addressing, the WI-I/O-9-U2 provides mesh/self-healing network communications, multi-hop repeating and remote over the air re-configuration and diagnostics. Users will benefit from its ease of commissioning and integration into an existing wireless or wired.



High Density Signal Connectors

Maximum connection density in the smallest of space, Weidmuller’s B2CF raises the bar for standard sensor cables and bridges the gap between insufficient space and functionality. The result is a connectivity solution for standard industrial cables that is 30% smaller than an equivalent in 2.5mm pitch. Available with up to 36 connections and a 300V 10A UL rating.


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