Sensor Actuator Interface

Distribution Blocks • Mounting hood, integrated control cable or on-board connector • M5, M8 and M12 Fieldbus Modules • Analog input/output modules


SAI distributors combine the signals from sensors and actuators in machines and systems. This cuts installation and service costs due to the use of pre-assembled cables and conventional M5/M8/M12 circular connectors.


SAI Products from Weidmüller are reliable, economical and durable. Our comprehensive product range not only adapts to the various bus systems but also to different environments such as rough industrial surroundings or those requiring Ex-protected components.



Sensor-Actuator-Interface (SAI) Cable with Plastic Coupling Nuts for Harsh Environment Applications

Weidmuller’s plastic coupling nuts are designed for harsh environment applications where aggressive cleaning agents are used or corrosive elements are present. Plastic coupling nuts are an economical alternative to expensive stainless steel solutions often used in corrosive environments.


Weidmuller’s plastic coupling nuts are resistant to corrosion, ensuring safe and reliable connections in wash-down, high humidity and chemically aggressive environments. They can help optimize machine up time through decreased product failures and maintenance time.



Sensor and Actuator Cables

Weidmuller offers a wide variety of SAI cables with quick turnaround times. Our broad offering enusres flexibility in the application. We can also develop and produce solutions for specific customer requirements. We regularly produce cables, for example, with customer specific labels and logos.


Weidmuller’s new high flex cables have been designed and tested in C-track applications, where the cable continuously rolls back and forth, over 2100mm at 1.75m/s and an acceleration reaching 50m/s2. The halogen free PUR/PUR cables achieved a rating of 2 million cycles and the standard PUR/PVC cables are rated at 20 million cycles.



Fieldbus, Data Cables and Accessories

The bus system lies at the heart of automation engineering. High quality products are essential to achieve long term, smooth functionality. Not only the bus slaves and controllers play a significant role but also the type of cables and connection technologies used are very important. Weidmuller bus cables for Profibus, Industrial Ethernet and CANopen/DeviceNet are the perfect solution. They feature a fully 360 degree shielding providing effective protection for signal and data transmission. Additionally, our special production strategy allows us to quickly manufacture parts that are customized to a specific order. 



Plug-in Connector and Protective Caps

Self assembled M8 and M12 connectors are integral and essential connectivity components. They are available with a wide variety of different wire connection technologies. Weidmuller offers all of the proven connection methods, including screw, tension clamp, IDC, and solder connection technology. One of the highlights in this line is the shielded, D-coded M12 connector available in male and female version, with screw as well as tension-clamp connection.


Weidmuller also offers high density M12 connectors in 8 pole with screw connection. These connectors are available as shielded as well as unshielded versions.



IP67 Remote I/O System SAI Active

Industrial automation solutions are becoming more and more decentralized. The Weidmuller sensor-actuator distributor SAI Active provides a fieldbus interface for digital communication. It is capable of merging all types of signals from the field and transmitting them without interference to the central controller unit. The SAI Active Remote I/O system is available in several variants to support different applications. A wide range of products for industrial automation are available to the user: Weidmuller's SAI Universal products provide a quick and simple entry-level solution for decentralization; the professional SAI Universal PRO Sub-bus family has versatile extension options and functional modules; and the SAI Universal Wireless system provides a radio based solution.




By introducing JACKPAC®, the new M12 Signal Box with the high IP67 ingress protection. Weidmuller can now provide a modular and versatile concept that makes it possible to condition signals in an industrial environment. Requiring no additional enclosure, these modules can be installed directly on the machine, in the production plant, conveyor system or within a process.



Passive Distributors

SAI Passive products are built with premium materials using the highest quality production methods. The fully encapsulated distributors are designed to meet harsh industrial requirements yet they are easy to handle. The self assembled connectors in the hooded version, for example, are joined into a single part so that the entire block is available for the connection. This unique solution for distributors has no equal anywhere. Nothing can break off, get mixed up or wired up incorrectly.


The distributors are equipped with threaded metal rings, ensuring a secure and reliable screw connection. The IDC versions are especially noteworthy as sensor cables can be connected directly to the distributor with a very space saving and robust connection element.



M23 Connectors and Cables

Weidmuller introduces a new modular M23 connector family featuring compact and robust Circular Connectors for signal, power and hybrid (signal and power) applications. Weidmuller’s M23 Circular Connectors are designed for use outside the cabinet in machine and industrial automation applications.


M23 connectors are mainly used for connecting electrical drives and servo-motors into industrial automation applications. The M23 connectors are very easy to handle and operate. In addition to the over-molded versions and the SAI distributors with M23 connectors, Weidmuller is now offering customizable connectors and built in plugs.




Tools and Markers

The Screwty® is a state of the art tool that features a unique, patented retention method. The adjustable torque ensures the proper installation of the connectors to achieve the desired IP rating. Weidmuller also offers a Screwty® attachment for M23 connectors. 


Weidmuller also offers a full line of cutting tools, sheathing and insulation stripping tools, stripping and cutting tools, SAI M23 crimping tool, as well as marker tags for sensor cables and distributors.

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