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OMNIMATE Signal - Powerful compact connector with PUSH IN

Simple and safe connection for wires up to 1.5 mm²


When designing customised device connectivity products for modern applications, it is becoming increasingly important to find the perfect fit between device miniaturisation and increased device functionality. Our new double-row OMNIMATE B2CF Signal connector, in 3.5 mm pitch, has this perfect fit and enables a new generation of more compact installations.


This connector is easy to work with, despite the increased functionality being packed into a compact space. The PUSH IN direct-insert wire connection mechanism allows you to conveniently connect the signal wires. There are more useful features: the tool-free locking and unlocking, the touch-safe male header, and the outstanding clarity provided by easy-to-read markers that identify each terminal point.

1. Packing Density 2.0

Smaller devices with increased technical capabilities are being designed for more applications. They take advantage of more contacts packed onto a small surface and a large wire cross-section capacity.

2. Solid PUSH IN contacts

A safe, permanent connection is ensured by the optimised spring steel and specially-shaped contact element.

3. Large wire cross-sections

You can easily connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5 mm² (when using wire-end ferrules) and up to 1.0 mm² (when using ferrules and plastic collars).

4. Convincing safety during use

This connector system is safe to use, with attractive features such as quick wire connections, tool-free locking and unlocking, and touch-safe design.

5. Clear frontal marking

Clarity is enhanced with clearly legible markers at each terminal point and unique labelling of the installation position.



Direct insertion

PUSH IN: the quick, tool-free, intuitive connection mechanism for prepared wires. 



Halogen-free and IEC 60335

Halogen-free materials ensure future compatibility and extended approvals enhance the range of use for new device designs.

Convincing system accessories

Our matching accessories – including markers, light guides, strain relief and coding – improve operational safety and enable a professional design.