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Surge Protection

• For nominal voltages 120V to 600V • Discharges up to 40kA (8/20μs) • 1, 2 and 3 phase configurations • UL1449 Edition 3 approved • Integral thermal disconnects • Pluggable replaceable SPD elements • Local and remote SPD status indication


Weidmuller has extended its line of Surge Protection devices to include a new line of signal, data, and power protection devices.



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SPD Series: DIN-Rail Mountable Surge Protection Family

Weidmuller’s SPD II 1 series transient voltage surge protectors consist of a range of innovative, compact modules for the protection of low voltage AC distribution systems or (PV models) for DC photovoltaic installations. Each module is a two-part construction, comprising a TS35 DINrail mountable base and a pluggable replaceable arrester, with each single-conductor assembly only 18mm wide.



VARITECTOR: For Instrumentation, Control & Automation Circuits

With the VARITECTOR Weidmuller offers a new family of surge protection devices for control and instrumentation (C&I) applications.  Long cable runs from the field to the controls need protecting on against electrical surges, caused by remote lightning strikes. These surges can distort signals and damage connected devices. Varitector allows users to ensure their controls and I/O devices are protected from lightning induced surges in cables.


Main Varitector features:

  •  Choice of pluggable/replaceable (VSPC) or high density (VSSC) construction
  •  Protection for Analog, Digital I/O signals (incl. high current), Fieldbus, sensors, Tele UKO 
  •  Integral mounting rail connection creates ground circuit
  •  No individual ground wiring simplifies cabling
  •  200 x VSPC/VSSC range variants
  •  Local and remote arrester status indication options (VSPC)
  •  Local arrester status options (VSSC6)
  •  Hazardous area approvals permits mounting in Division 2 or Zone 2 locations
  •  Approved for mounting in SIL safety circuits.
  •  UL & CSA approved

VSPC – Pluggable, replaceable arresters

With the VARITECTOR VSPC, Weidmuller offers protection for up to 4 conductors in one pluggable arrester, plus a dedicated terminal for cable shield connections, which if used provides a path to ground via the Din mounting rail.


Optional remote status signaling is offered by using a Control Unit in conjunction with models with ‘R’ in the descriptor. Each Control Unit can be connected to a group of up to ten VSPC ‘R’s.

VSSC – High density, terminal-type arresters

VSSC4 is the 4-terminal range which provides basic protection functions for single and two conductors, where the cable shield is separately connected to ground.


VSSC6 is the 6-terminal range which includes spare terminals to connect the cable shield and provide a ground path via the Din mounting rail. In most models, options are available for displaying arrester status via an integral LED.

V-Logger 30 – Portable transient logger

V-Logger 30 is a battery powered logger of surge events. Easy to install, and then later move to other locations, with it’s clamp-on sensor, the V-Logger can be used to detect transient surges (>50A) and date/time-stamp them for later analysis.


Typical applications include monitoring ground cables, or a.c. voltage network cabling, to detect the effects of remote lightning strikes or surges due to machinery or switchgear.


Surge Protectors with UL Approval

  • Fully supports U.S. standard network types and voltages – single-, two- and three-phase systems.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Arrestor locking mechanism provides reliable operation under heavy-duty conditions.
  • Pluggable arrestor units provide fast and easy replacement without the need of tools.
  • Centralized and wide control window.
  • Optional remote signaling contact.
  • Fast DIN-rail mounting by means of special mounting clip.
  • Rotatable product design.
  • Approvals: CE and  UL 1449 Edition 4 Certification (IEC 61643-11:2011, EN 61643-11:2012)



Varitector DATA CAT 6 Ethernet

Professional surge protection for Ethernet applications. VARITECTOR DATA CAT6 ensures fault-free data transmission. With Ethernet surge protectors, we are rounding off our package of solutions for industrial data communication. Product advantages include a high data rate, high power transmission rate, low interference susceptibility and long life cycle. UL approved.

Technical Details:

  • Suitable for Cat. 5 (up to 100 MHz) and Cat. 6 (up to 250 MHz Class E)
  • Suitable for PoE (acc. to IEEE 802.3af) and PoE+ (acc. to IEEE 802.3at)
  • Protection of all wire pairs
  • Connection via RJ45 sockets
  • Metal housing


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