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ACT20M analogue signal converters

Your systems generate a torrent of analogue signals
ACT20M signal converters process these in extremely tight spaces

From current sensors in the energy sector, through torque, position or acceleration sensors in marine engineering, to temperature sensors in the food and beverages industry: reliable signal conversion and isolation is of prime importance in many areas of automation technology.
Our ACT20M family stands for the highly accurate measurement of voltage and current signals, as well as their conversion into standard signals in a multitude of applications. Indeed, our new bipolar signal converters and the temperature converters are characterised, in particular, by their extremely fast signal conversion. The high precision of the temperature converters makes them the ideal solution for precise measurements.
A high degree of accuracy, high insulation voltages, wide temperature ranges, international approvals and outstanding EMC properties make the ACT20M series the compact universal solution in signal conversion and isolation.
You are looking for space-saving, reliable and particularly versatile components to convert and isolate bipolar and temperature signals. We have once again expanded our proven ACT20M family to include a product measuring just 6 mm across. Let’s connect.

Product advantage


Easy configuration

DIP switches on the side are used to configure the input and output parameters, as well as the response time.

Tolerance against noisy signals

Configurable response times allow for customised adaptation. Noisy signals can be converted with a slower response time.

Specially designed for time-critical applications

With a response time of 30 ms, the temperature converters can be used for particularly fast applications.

Precise measurement

The temperature converters external or internal cooling point compensation feature for J/K thermal elements enables highly accurate measurements.

Power supply via the rail bus

All modules in the ACT20M product family are supplied with power by means of the rail bus – simple and convenient.
ACT20M signal converters process these in extremely tight spaces

Convenient operation

Duplication of a bipolar input signal into two standard signals allows signals to be simply displayed directly on the measuring device.

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