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Weidmuller Recognized as a Winner of “Product of the Year Award” for their stripax® ULtimate Stripping Tool

stripax® Ultimate selected as the Product of the Year


April 2016 — Weidmuller’s stripax® ULtimate was selected as a winner in the Maintenance Tools and Equipment category of CFE Media’s Plant Engineering magazine 2015 Product of the Year Awards. Not only did was the stripax® Ultimate selected as the Product of the Year it was also awarded first place “GOLD” over all other award recipients.  The awards program, in its 28th year, invites Plant Engineering readers to nominate and vote for the outstanding new products that help them do their jobs smarter, safer, more efficiently and more productively. This year featured 15 categories of new products for the voters to consider from manufacturers around the world.


“The stripax® ULtimate is a high precision stripping tool for applications where removing tough, halogen-free insulation is essential”, said Bruce Hofmann, Director of Marketing at Weidmuller North America. “We thank all of the end-users who voted for and use our stripax® ULtimate every day.”


Weidmuller’s stripax® ULtimate is the ideal hand tool for halogen-free insulation and other wires specified for use in high temperature environments, including those classified by UL as THHN and SIS. The stripax® ULtimate’s unique blade set allows users to strip most halogen-free insulation materials and other tough insulation types from AWG 24... 10, up to a length of one inch. The self-adjusting blade allows the stripax® ULtimate to automatically adapt to the wire size. An additional adjustment can be made, by turning a screw beneath the strip blades, for large gauge or wire with very hard insulation. This new stripping tool also features a three-stage partial stripping function to retain a portion of stripped insulation on the tip of the conductors. This helps prevent the wire strands from fanning out, simplifying the process of ferrule placement.

Weidmuller’s stripax ULtimate was recognized as a 2015 Product of the Year Winner by Plant Engineering readers.

Ergonomically designed, compact and lightweight at only 7.5” and 6 ounces, the stripax® ULtimate offers a number of design features to make wire stripping easier and ensure a long tool life: it provides a cutting option for wire diameters up to 10 AWG, with a foldable protective cover to prevent accidental wire cutting during stripping; the clamping jaws open automatically after stripping; blade replacement is quick and easy; the wire stop mechanism for strip length and insulation thickness settings adjust easily via a slider; and double-insulated wires are processed in two operations without any special adjustment.


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All the winners of the Product of the Year Awards, along with the gold, silver and bronze award holders, will be announced in Plant Engineering’s April 2016 issue.