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M-Print® PRO eCAD software

Efficient and comprehensive use of design data
M-Print® PRO eCAD, for exporting data from EPLAN Electric P8


Rising cost pressures in the industry are bringing about demand for the constant optimisation and standardisation of design work, and the same applies for the creation and use of data, macros, templates and scripts. The aim here is to ensure that all design data is documented in full and made available for use in future projects, which is a requirement that applies in relation to Industry 4.0.

The new M-Print® PRO eCAD checks the integrity of the data during export from Eplan Electric P8, informing the user in the case of missing information. All weidmüller product data contains the associated accessory information, which ensures the correct allocation of the appropriate markers. This helps with project documentation, e.g. when creating parts lists.

The new interface software supports the call for the systematic exploitation of existing data, thereby saving time and money involved in subsequent work. Having complete and comprehensive product data makes project planning easier and helps minimise sources of error, while increasing quality and efficiency.

The transfer of existing CAE data reduces the associated workload and prevents transfer errors. The use of labelling schemes, templates and import scripts allows for a variety of different export options.








Flexible export options

The systematic use of existing data combined with flexible software functions allows for application-specific data transfer and the standardisation and optimisation of internal processes. When used together with Weidmüller printers and markers, this creates “systemised marking”.


Product advantages


High levels of data security

The Weidmüller product data for the individual components already contains information on the corresponding accessories, which helps prevent errors caused by incorrect product combinations.

Plausibility testing

The new M-Print® PRO eCAD checks the planned components to verify that the assigned markers are complete.

Application-specific data transfer

Thanks to the flexible labelling schemes and import scripts, it is possible to generate any labelling text imaginable. Data for identification plates can also be exported and printed, for example.

Increased efficiency thanks to standardisation

The standardised project planning and the exchange of data using macros and templates help to increase planning quality and efficiency.