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MultiCard expansions

A wide variety of marking options
MultiCard extension for even greater consistency

A clear marking system not only helps you during installation, but also facilitates the subsequent maintenance and troubleshooting during operation. The marking of different devices, equipment, or terminal blocks with a consistent system is especially convenient.
With the consistent extension of our MultiCard options even more professional marking options are now open to you. New formats for plant identification or suitable for certain types of terminal blocks help you create exactly the right marker for each application.
Benefit from the seamless process chain from entering your data to instantly deployable markers for your custom cabinet configuration.
Clear marking in the cabinet helps users find their way around more easily and facilitates system installation and maintenance. Individual modules can be easily replaced and the system can be put back into operation in case of failure faster.






Systematised marking

Our harmonised system of software, markers and printers allows you to optimise processes - from entering your data to the finished marker for the individual control cabinet configuration.


Clear device marking

Half the size of a credit card and yet big enough to contain all the relevant information: The CC 85/27 MC ClipCard makes you more flexible in marking your devices.

Simply marking relay bases

With the MultiCard marker ESG 9/26 SCM ECO MC for the first time you can mark relay bases of our D-SERIES (types SCM 2CO ECO and SCM 4CO ECO) with the PrintJet ADVANCED.

Many manufacturers, one printing system

With the MultiFit variants MF 5/3.5 MC and MF-W 9/3.5F MC, you can flexibly marker connectors from different manufacturers. In this way you can take care of all your marking needs with only one system.

M-Print® PRO

This complete system is highly customisable – our M-Print® PRO software can be used to independently create your own custom marker layouts.