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MetalliCard markers

Resistant marker for harsh environments
MetalliCard extension for more demanding applications

High temperatures, detergents, mechanical loads: where markers in the production environment have to withstand harsh conditions, a particularly resistant marker solution is required. Even after prolonged exposure, it should still be legible.
Our aluminium or stainless steel MetalliCards can be precisely printed with our industry PrintJet ADVANCED printer and are ready for use without further processing. In this way you get a system marker that is resistant to high temperatures, UV radiation, climatic influences and many chemicals.
Take advantage of the new marker sizes in our MetalliCard range for even more flexibility when marking – thanks to innovative inkjet printing, even in colour.
In car body manufacturing, conditions are found that do not allow any kind of marking of wires or components. MetalliCards score here through consistent marking in harsh production environments – even without a protective cabinet






Customised design: Coloured printing on metal tags

Create durable coloured markers with our seamless system solution from markers, printers and software that allows the use of both markers made from polyamide and aluminium or stainless steel.

Product advantages


Flexible installation

The MetalliCard also offers optimum installation characteristics. MetalliCards can be used universally thanks to various fixing options: bonding, riveting, with tag holders or rails, or in combination with stainless steel cable ties.

Permanent marking

Successfully tested for resistance to diverse environmental influences, our MetalliCard markers are synonymous with long-term durability.

High-quality colour printing

With the excellent colour printing of the PrintJet ADVANCED, you can individually create graphics, logos and characters – for safe and high-quality system identification.


The PrintJet ADVANCED inkjet printer is the optimum addition to the MultiCard and MetalliCard range for high-quality, resistant colour printing on site.

M-Print® PRO

This complete system is highly customisable – our M-Print® PRO software can be used to independently create your own custom marker layouts.