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Learn through application stories how we support device manufacturers worldwide with the best connections


Best climate with the right connection technology

Fast and safe with worldwide application: the Power and Signal connectors from the OMNIMATE® product range fully demonstrate their strengths in Blue e+, the new generation of cooling equipment from enclosure expert Rittal.

New selection system for OMNIMATE device connectivity

Lots of support, less paper: the compact catalogue supports device developers with their design-in process with webcodes.

Uncompromisingly powerful and safe

These were Siemens’ requirements for the SINAMICS V90 servo drive system together with its connection system. As a practical specialist, Weidmüller knows exactly what is required for drive controls and scores with the BLZ 7.62IT plug-in connector at Siemens in Nanjing.

Reduced to the max

LTI Motion managed to reduce the size of its SystemOne CM servo drive by 75 percent, among others thanks to the Weidmüller OMNIMATE® Power Hybrid connector. The result: a perfectly harmonized system that is the most compact in its performance class.

Everything in flow with device design

Weidmüller was able to meet the requirements of SAMSON AG in developing a new electropneumatic position controller by providing a reflow-compatible connection solution and multifaceted design-in support.

Smart PCB terminal for intelligent cloud-based control

Impressive freedom of design combined with highly efficient and reliable assembly: the merits of OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminals are demonstrated to outstanding effect in the new app-based control system of ventilation system manufacturer Schrag.

Brilliant connections for inspirational device design

Miniaturised device design, an all-round, impressive level of user-friendliness thanks to PUSH IN connection technology and a wide range of possible applications – the relay from Tele Haase satisfies these requirements with a little help from the LSF-SMT PCB terminals

A bright solution

PCB terminals of the LSF-SMD series convince in LED lighting systems. They support lighting expert Abaled in creating long-lasting solutions.

A suitable power level for every type of performance

Siemens’ SINAMICS G120C frequency converters have been combined with Weidmüller’s OMNIMATE-IT PCB plug-in connectors and are thus suited for use in IT networks – and many other applications.

With high-performance directly onto the printed circuit board

With its connection capacity of up to 50 mm², the high-current PCB terminal LXXX 15.00, in 15-mm pitch, is the idealfit direct connection for high current and voltage supply to the frequency converters of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Packing density 2.0: High-performance compact connectors

A powerful and compact packet of performance: this is how the B2CF 3.5 signal connector comes across. Its features reflect the practical requirements fed back to us by our users.

The best shaped functional integration

A high number of channels on the smallest possible PCB space characterises the CPX-L I/O modules from Festo. Behind them are the LSF-SMD PUSH IN PCB terminals.

Minimum size, maximum function

Weidmüller‘s PCB plug in connectors reliably connect remote sensors in Jetter‘s JX3 I/O system. Compact, but highly functional, this has been the fundamental design influence of the narrow JX3 modules.

Innovative illumination with long-lasting hardware

Weidmüller’s BCF 3.81: the sturdy, maintenance-free female connector that is being used to support the durability of the innovative FARA LED LAMP® LED street lights.

Successful device design by integrating competences

In order to successfully master the challenges of applications with power electronics, Beckhoff Automation cooperates in the field of connection technology with Weidmüller whom it considers to be an experienced and reliable design-in partner.