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u-remote Safe Power-Feed Modules

NEW u-remote Safe Power-Feed Modules. Integrated Safety –
No Safety Controller Needed!


RICHMOND, VA (August 16, 2016) — Weidmuller announces the release of the newest addition to their award-winning u-remote distributed I/O module line-up – the u-remote Safe Power-feed Modules. Unique to the market today, these compact safety modules feature integrated functionality to safely switch off power to all modules that are within a safety segment, eliminating the need for a safety controller. These modules meet stringent machine safety standards that include SIL 3 CL and Category 4 PL e, and can help increase efficiency and reduce wiring costs in applications by eliminating costly home run wiring while providing immediate feedback on the status of the safety circuit.

 u-remote Safety Power-Feed Modules

Weidmuller’s u-remote Safe Power-feed Modules

The new UR20-PF-O safe power-feed modules safely switch off the power to all output modules when supplied from the safe power-feed slice. This function creates a “safety segment” that is managed locally by the UR20-PF-O safe power-feed module. The safety rated input works together with pulsed inputs to detect broken wires and short circuits. These safe power-feed modules go beyond standard safety relays by providing real-time feedback on which safety circuit is down. Since this functionality is built into the modules, there is no need for expensive safety controllers and complex safety programs. 


Weidmuller’s UR20-PF-O safe power-feed modules can be used in complex automation solutions by cascading multiple safe power-feed modules together. Available in 1 input, 2 inputs, or 2 inputs with delay, the UR20-PF-O safe power-feed modules can offer cost savings for a wide range of safety-related equipment. For example, consider the case of an emergency stop button along with a light curtain: the u-remote standard output modules used within the u-remote “safety segment” contribute to even more cost savings when compared to the traditional safety cards for every output. One UR20-PF-O module can manage up to 12 switchable output modules versus the more expensive system design that requires a safety module for each output module.


With safety levels of SIL 3 CL as per DIN EN IEC 62061, and Category 4 PL e as per DIN EN ISO 13849-1, Weidmuller’s UR20-PF-O safe power-feed modules offer the highest possible degree of machine safety protection.


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