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OMNIMATE® Signal PCB connectors

The service friendly PCB connector for the industry automation


A reliable device connection is an absolute must for your customised applications. Thanks to OMNIMATE Signal, we can now offer you the appropriate connection technology to meet your exact requirements.

The wide product range, with its many product series, provides higher design flexibility, efficient processing, and safe, intuitive handling:


  • 36 connections at 3.50 mm pitch, highest power reserves with 3.81 mm pitch and the largest application area in 5.08 mm pitch
  • Application oriented connections from clamping-yoke screw connections to PUSH IN spring cage connections
  • A wide product range of reflow suitable products for automated SMT processes
  • Multi-row and multi-layer designs with up to 48 poles

Product overview



Pitch 3.50 mm, 2-row



Pitch 3.50 mm



Pitch 3.81 mm



Pitch 5.00 mm



Pitch 5.08 mm




RSV Rectangular

plug-in connector