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OMNIMATE Signal BLF 2.50/SL 2.50 connectors

Use compact, functional connection solutions
BLF 2.50/SL 2.50 PUSH IN device connectors


Especially for controls, I/O systems and signal interfaces in drive technology, it is now a question of ensuring components are as compact as possible while offering excellent functionality and simple handling.

The new BLF 2.50 OMNIMATE signal plug-in connector and the associated SL 2.50 male connectors combine these requirements. This is thanks to the space-saving design and the particularly quick PUSH IN connection system – optimised for wire cross-sections of up to 0.5 mm² and a pitch dimension of 2.50 mm.

The BLF 2.50 connector has an integrated pusher to make opening the contact point easier. There is also an additional test point for user-friendly service measurements on the device. The SL 2.50 male header has two available outlet directions in various device designs and ensures excellent accessibility to the connector even in confined spaces.

Quick and safe wiring with high connection density: the PCB connectors in a 2.50 mm pitch enable space-saving signal interfaces for a variety of devices, for example, industrial controls.








Optimum handling with minimum space requirements

All in one: the BLF 2.50 is a compact, pluggable connection solution for devices.



Product advantages


Pusher gives operational safety

The contact point can be opened easily and the conductor removed by pressing the “pusher”. This allows particularly fast and uniform wiring.

PUSH IN connector up to 0.5 mm²

Wires with wire-end ferrules and single-stranded wires can be inserted directly thanks to the PUSH IN connection technology which saves time and ensures reliable contacting.

Flexible application

The SL 2.50 male header has two available outlet directions and can be used in many device designs. This means good connector availability can be guaranteed, even in confined spaces.

High component density

The compact design with PUSH IN connections and very small 2.50 mm pitch size is perfectly suited for wire cross-sections of up to 0.5 mm².