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OMNIMATE Signal LS2HF PCB terminals

The simple way to connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5 mm²
LS2HF with PUSH IN connection system on two connection levels


Ensuring compact dimensions through miniaturisation, while maintaining excellent functionality: these are the specific challenges faced when designing monitoring and I/O systems and devices in the field of building automation.

The new double-row OMNIMATE Signal PCB terminal LS2HF meets both of these requirements at once thanks to the space-saving design and especially through the use of the time saving PUSH IN connection system. Optimised for wire cross-sections up to 1.5 mm² in a pitch dimension of 3.5 mm.

The LS2HF includes an integrated pusher for opening the contact in easiest way. An additional test point has also been integrated, making it easy to do necessary service measurements. The wire entry direction of 90° and the compact, double-row design of the LS2HF allows the simple integration into the front panel of a device.

Quick and safe wiring with excellent performance: the spacesaving LS2HF PCB terminal allows a perfect integration into the front panel of a device, e.g. with industrial control units and frequency converters








PCB connection within the smallest space

For those looking for a compact and simple connection solution for optional installation in a front panel, the double-level LS2HF will not disappoint.




Product advantages


PUSH IN connection

Solid wires or wires with ferrules can plugged directly thanks to the PUSH IN connection technology, which saves time and ensures an reliable connection.

Reliable functionality

The PUSH IN contact can be opened easily by pressing the push button in a particularly fast and unmistakable way.

Integrated test point

Necessary maintenance and measurements can be carried out in a safe, reliable and convenient manner.

High component density

The compact design with PUSH IN connection system over two levels is perfectly suited for wire cross-sections up to 1.5 mm² in a pitch dimension of 3.5 mm.