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OMNIMATE Signal HC plug-in connector

Maximum power reserves for your PCB connection
With the “HC-upgrade” of our OMNIMATE PCB-connectors in pitch 5.0x


In applications such as power electronics or motor outputs, an increasing amount of power is transmitted directly to the PCB. Plug-in connectors used in this situation must still have power reserves to withstand the load reliably even at higher temperatures.

We address this increased demand on the current carrying capacity with a “High Current (HC) Upgrade” for our PCB connectors.In combination with the corresponding HC male In combination with the corresponding HC male headers for wave soldering or as an SMT variant, we obtain current values above the market average for our proven wire connection technologies such as PUSH IN, screw or TOP connection.

Move up to the new standard. Our HC plugs offer connection cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm 2 and are suitable for rated currents of up to 16 A or more (according UL 1059).

Weidmüller is addressing the trend towards more power transmission on the PCB among others with the “HC-upgrade” of the signal plug-in connectors in the 5.0x grid - in this case, for example, when operating with the “Power Monitor”








New market standard at no extra price

No new part numbers.

No extra price.

Nevertheless tested extensively in our lab for you and established as the new standard in pitch 5.0x.


Product advantage


35 % more power reserves

By using high-current performance metals, you can obtain additional power reserves to 16 A and more.

Absolutely compliant with existing standards

Since all the part numbers of the converted connectors have been retained, recertification of existing standards is usually not required.

No impairment of proven properties

You do not need any additional contact elements, such as reinforced springs, to ensure effective power transfer. Pull and push forces are therefore not adversely affected.