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OMNIMATE Signal PCB plug-in connector Lock & Release

Release and lock with the turn of a lever
Particularly safe and space saving with OMNIMATE Signal


A reliable locking system is one of the main prerequisites for safe operation of your equipment. However, increasingly compact formats and greater connection density complicate the handling of plug-in connectors on the front panel. An increasing number of poles also requires greater force when detaching the plug.

With these challenges in mind, we have revised the design of the lock & release levers of our plug-in connector system OMNIMATE Signal. The result is a quick-action, self-locking system with the male header, intuitive handling without tools and a gentle release of the socket connector that is easy on components simply by turning the lever.

Find out for yourself how we as a pioneer of the device connection technology and inventor of the “Lock & Release” lever have further optimised the locking system of our OMNIMATE Signal plug-in connectors.

Operator safety and ease of handling of our lock & release lever convince in every installation situation. Once locked, our connector resists even vibration and shock loading.







Easy handling

Intuitive and tool-free: Due to the extended lever you can remove the connector easily - even in confined spaces.



Product advantage

Secure locking

Directly during insertion, the connector engages automatically with the male header. Based on the position, you can verify that it is firmly in place, at a glance, by a visual control.

Gentle unlocking

When the lever is actuated, the female connector is released gently from the component assembly - and this significantly reduces the mechanical stress on the solder joint.

OMNIMATE Signal male connectors

The lock & release lever variants of OMNIMATE Signal connectors can be combined with a wide variety of Weidmüller male headers. Whether with wave soldering or fully automated in the SMT process.

Additional security

Locking ensures extra secure hold – even under extreme loads due to vibration and shock.