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OMNIMATE Signal PCB terminals LSF-SMD

Your future lies in SMD assembly
OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD provides more design freedom


Maximum freedom with regard to PCB design calls for flexible terminal solutions that can also establish secure contacts with composite PCBs made from glass, ceramic or aluminium. Only in this way can you achieve quality-assured and efficient PCB assembly.

With our new LSF-SMD family, we are satisfying demands for fully-automatic PCB surface installation using the SMD soldering procedure. Two soldering pads per pole provide a high level of mechanical stability according to IPC A 610 Class 2. “PUSH IN” technology enables a secure connection without the use of tools. The 3.50 mm, 5.00 mm and 7.50 mm pitches and the 90°, 135° and 180° conductor outlet directions cover a multitude of device requirements and offer high component density with a maximum connection cross-section of 1.5 mm².

Use of the distortion-free insulating material LCP, which is resistant to high temperatures and has a moisture level of MSL 1, enables a high level of dimensional stability, thus guaranteeing co-planarity for the reflow soldering process without the need for a drying phase beforehand.

Drilled holes and feed-throughs on PCBs cost time, take up space and limit design freedom. Our wide SMD range featuring “PUSH IN” direct connectivity is economical and opens up new design possibilities. For LED devices featuring an aluminium cooling element, for instance, where no holes can be drilled.







Uniquely wide product range 

The Weidmüller range of “PUSH IN” PCB terminals which is designed for the SMD reflow soldering process meets the requirements of a fully automatic PCB surface mounting for three different main pitches and wire entry directions.


Product advantage

Fast wire connection method

The proven “PUSH IN” direct connectivity enables secure contacts up to 1.5 mm² without the need for tools. Conductors can be released simply and quickly by pressing the release button.

Efficient assembly

Automatic assembly is supported by the tapeon-reel packaging in standard belt widths. Pick and-Place pads guarantee reliable attaching and setting down.

Reliable processing

Use of the LCP insulating material means that assembly can take place directly during the SMT process without the need for pre-drying. There is no risk of blisters forming.

Stable soldering connections

Featuring two soldering pads per pole, LSF-SMD PCB terminals satisfy the most stringent mechanical fixing requirements without the need for additional mounting flanges.