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Heavy Duty Connector Tools and Services

Let Weidmuller help simplify the selection and order process for Heavy Duty Connector parts, kits and cable harnesses. Review a brief summary of our tools and services below and select the link where provided.


HDC Cable Configurator — NEW!

Weidmuller’s guided cable assembly and kitting tool allows you to design and integrate a full connection system – cable harness, mating side “A” and or mating side “B”.  The convenience extends to ordering only one part number for a complete cable harness and one part number for each mating assembly required by the application.  Up to a maximum of three part numbers are needed to provide a pluggable “end to end” connection between panels, machinery, equipment, etc. 

  •   Guided creation of custom cable harness by specification
  •   Optional selection of mating connectors (side A & B)
  •   Configurator provides a printable .pdf quote, description and drawing
  •   Items are kitted in one box if one PO# is used when ordering harness and mating connectors

Speedline® 48hr Quick Ship

Speedline® Service guarantees the availability of our most popular Heavy Duty Connector (HDC) products, such as Weidmuller’s Rockstar® Rectangular Connector Kits/Components, FrontCom (Connectors), Cabtite Panel Access, and Cable glands, so OEMs can make last-minute connections fast! 

  • Collection of top sellers, always in stock
  • HA and HE Inserts, PG housings, Glands, Kits
  • Brochure includes a Cross-Reference from other recognized brands

HDC Product Selector

This guided product selector contains every item included in the Weidmuller Rockstar® HDC catalog, including IP65 and IP68 housings and modular inserts.  Start with inserts or housings, and narrow down the options using the project specifications.  Never open a catalog for HDC again, use the product selector instead!

  • All HDC Components – inserts (including modular), housings (IP65 and IP68), glands, and accessories
  • Retrieve a BOM for the selected products

Custom Kitting and Assemblies

All products included in the Rockstar® HDC family, including glands, inserts, housings and accessories can be kitted and provided as one part number to streamline the order and assembly process.

  • 1 Part Number, 1 List Price
  • Kitted parts or partially assembled components to your specification
  • Cable harnesses/wiring                

For a quote on your custom assembly, contact your Weidmuller

Sales Representative or  Authorized Distributor