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Crimpfix E

Easy conductor stripping and crimping in one work step
Electrically-driven stripping and crimping machine for standard applications

stripax® stripping tool and AM 16 sheathing stripper

Easy stripping of hard, complex insulation materials
stripax® ULtimate and AM 16 accelerate your cable processes

Powerstripper 6.0, Powerstripper 16.0 and Powerstripper AM12

Faster cable-related work processes
Automatically strip wires and sheaths for various cable types
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KT cutting tools

Cut cables safely, free from burrs and with little effort
KT-cutting tools impress with protective handles rated up to 1,000 V

stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool

Stripping hard, halogen-free, XL-sized insulation materials
The stripax® ULtimate XL with an extended cross-section range

PZ 6 Roto L

Need to crimp in hard-to-reach places
Then reach for our PZ 6 Roto L
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PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR crimping tools

Crimp large cross-sections with minimum effort
It’s easy with the PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR