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Further information on our product range in the field of tools


Catalogues and brochures

Main catalogue (Order number: 2021630000)
0: Complete catalogue Download
1: Overview Download
A: Certification Download
B: Cutting Download
C: Stripping Download
D: Crimping Download
E: Pliers Download
F: Screwdrivers Download
G: Measuring/Testing Download
H: Tool sets Download
I: Automatic machines Download
J: Accessories Download
K: Cable lugs and insulated connectors Download
X: Index Download
Tools for installation and maintenance Download
Connecting, marking and installing – Product overview Download
Stripping – Product overview Download
Crimping - Product overview Download
Testing – Product overview Download
Automatic machines
Automatic machines – Product overview Download


Software for battery tools
Software APG/AKT Download
Software EPG Download


Manuals Machines
Crimpfix 2.5 PDF-File Download
Crimpfix L PDF-File Download
Crimpfix LS PDF-File Download
Crimpfix Uni PDF-File Download
Cutfix 8 PDF-File Download
Operating Manual Stripping and crimping machine Crimpfix 2.5 M Download
Powerstripper 16 PDF-File Download
Powerstripper 6 PDF-File Download
Manuals Hydraulic Battery Tools
EPG 45  - Battery powered hydraulic compression tool Download
EPG 60  - Battery powered hydraulic compression tool Download
EPG CUT 40  - Akku-hydraulisches Schneidewerkzeug Download