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References and expert articles

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The terminal block of the future

With the application-specific Klippon® Connect terminal blocks, Weidmüller is providing solutions that are winning over both panel building company Controller and plant manufacturer Wemhöner.

Taking control voltage distribution to a new level

Huge space savings and reduced cabling work when powering operating equipment – Weidmüller delivers on this promise with Klippon® Connect.

Panel building requires innovative ideas

Enhanced efficiency and optimised costs in all panel building phases: this requirement calls for a practical approach and experience, not to mention pioneering spirit. Weidmüller has restructured its range of solutions for panel wiring – and is providing tailor-made application products and process-support services.

Universal cabinet system: a solution based on partnership

In order to comply with the high demands placed on the functionality of safety equipment, Bosch Rexroth has developed its own, self-monitoring control solution. A lot of performance is packed into a small space. The recipe for success lies in deploying an efficient combination of components from the partners Bosch Rexroth and Weidmüller.

Hand-in-hand approach for the pharmaceutical industry

The importance of product quality takes on a whole new dimension in the healthcare sector. The precise processes involved in the production of medicines therefore need strong partners, such as Bürkert and Weidmüller.

A cutting-edge solution for initiators and actuators

On the ALPMA Alpenland Maschinenbau cheese-cutting machines, precision counts with every cut. The modular initiator/actuator terminals of the ZIA series cut an impressive figure with their compact assembly and integrated potential distribution

A modular distributor system for initiators and actuators

Mechanical and plant engineering company Hymmen is benefiting from having the all-purpose ZIA series modular terminal system in the terminal boxes mounted on its transport and vacuum tables

Pre-assembled functional units quickly and flexibly connected

The final commissioning process for a cabinet should be quick. This was also Senvion's requirement with respect to its wind energy plants, which was satisfied by the pluggable WeiCoS modular terminals (among other things).

Technical tour de force by team

Weidmüller has supported a record-breaking project with 1,500 pre-wired connectivity and electronic solutions – in record time!

Global knowledge network – across national and climatic borders

Taking advantage of its international sales network and local expertise, Weidmüller was able to provide a custom-fit solution for the Spanish train manufacturer Talgo. The solution ensured safe power distribution under extreme climatic conditions.

Easy wiring for heavy industry

As a part of a modernisation project at Saarstahl AG, the industrial service provider schütz engineering PLT GmbH was looking for a suitable connectivity solution for signal distribution. They found this in the shape of the PRV PUSH IN marshalling terminal blocks from Weidmüller.

A gain in safety

With its direct PUSH IN connection, good orientation and optimised labelling, the PRV marshalling terminal blocks from Weidmüller fully meet the safety requirements of the Chemiepark Marl (a chemical production industrial estate in Marl)

High-speed with HighPower

Power transmission on the Velaro® D high-speed trains from Siemens takes advantage of Weidmüller’s HighPower connectors. This system features modular construction, reliably crimped wires and pluggable connections – all of which makes it an excellent fit for such a demanding transportation application.

Electrical connectivity and marking systems for Desiro ML

Desiro ML – the innovative regional train platform of Siemens Mobility – is setting new standards in modern rail-based transportation. Weidmüller is supporting this future-oriented means of transport with innovative connectivity and marking solutions.