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PRO-H Series Power Supplies

Hazardous Area Approvals for Redundancy Power Modules.


Weidmuller’s new PRO-H Series power supply range now offers Zone 2 ATEX hazardous area approvals in addition to the existing Class 1 Div. 2 approval it already had, providing new options for process industry users. The new approvals are inclusive of the entire PRO-H line, including two redundancy power modules. Hazardous area approvals coupled with excellent stability against fluctuations in input voltage, ambient temperature variations and EMI make these compact, DIN-rail mounted modules a logical solution for power sensitive loads in industrial applications. 


Designed for process control installations that require the highest power availability levels, PRO-H offers two redundancy modules for up to 15A and 25A loads.  When used with two PRO-H power supplies, this fully redundant system creates a highly reliable and flexible power delivery solution that enables load sharing in addition to redundancy.

PRO-H Series Power Supplies


The load is fed via the redundancy module, so that if one power supply fails or is disconnected, the second unit will automatically and seamlessly provide the full current to the load. The redundancy status of the system is continuously monitored, and provides an alarm output if a power unit fails. With a 900,000-hour MTBF (mean time before failure) specification, the PRO-H line is the ideal solution for high-reliability power systems. 


The PRO-H Series also features hot-swappable input and output cables with pluggable connectors, designed to reduce module replacement time. In addition to hazardous area ATEX and Class 1 Div. 2 approvals, the PRO-H power supplies and redundancy modules also have UL and CSA certification. 


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