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PRO-M Power Supply Extension Modules

Redundancy Modules, Capacity Module and Relay Module


Weidmuller introduces a new group of complimentary devices to further enhance their line of PRO-M switch mode Power Supplies. These devices expand the ability and functionality of the existing PRO-M line, which is designed and optimized for machinery and factory automation applications. Weidmuller’s new products include two (2) new redundancy modules, a capacity module and a convenient relay module.


Weidmuller’s PRO-M Series redundancy modules provide a reliable power delivery designed to increase power availability and machine up time. These cost effective modules enable power redundancy as well as load sharing between power supplies, thereby ensuring uninterrupted power to the critical load. They also provide galvanic isolation, preventing current feedback between paralleled power supplies. Weidmuller’s new redundancy modules with 20A or 40A output current, offer a failure-free operation through an integrated voltage relay in the input circuits for comprehensive monitoring of the redundant power supply systems.

PRO-M Power Supply Extension Modules

Redundancy, Capacity, and Relay Modules


The PRO-M Series capacity module is a storage device on the output of the PRO-M, which provides a power boost when there is excess current demand in one load circuit of the DC power supply. The high current/short time boost forces the magnetic circuit breaker (mcb) for that faulty load into a fast switch off, protecting the power supply and its other loads from complete system or machine shutdown. Two tier terminals can be used in parallel to configure capacity increases of up to 200% for 2 – 3 ms. An integrated alarm relay monitors the output voltage and provides a “DCOK” status signal with clearly visible LED’s.


Weidmuller’s PRO-M Series relay modules can be easily clipped onto the front of a PRO-M Series Power Supply to monitor the 24V output voltage. Integrated connection cables allow for easy connection to the output terminals of the PRO-M and quick retrofitting at any time. Without using any DIN-rail space, these new relays offer a fast and simple way of adding a relay contact for power status monitoring.


As with all Weidmuller PRO-M Power Supplies these product extension or enhancement devices are designed for extreme environments with an operating temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, and a broad range of approvals from CE, TUV, GL, GOST and cULus for use in applications worldwide. The compact design starting at 34 mm of DIN-rail width allows for space savings in the cabinet, and the 3-year warranty for all PRO-M Power Supply products gives the customer ease of mind.


Weidmuller is the leading provider of solutions for the transmission of power, data and control signals in industrial environments. The company develops, produces and sells industrial electronics, network infrastructure components and connectivity solutions such as Industrial Ethernet, Relays, Power Supplies, I/O modules, printed circuit board connectors, terminal blocks and complete DIN Rail assemblies. The Weidmuller group has a strong international focus with manufacturing and sales locations in over 70 countries.


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