Q-Specials Canada


Weidmüller is pleased to present the latest Q-Specials for the fourth quarter of 2018.

This select group of products is offered at preferential prices for this quarter only.

The current Q-Specials are valid from October 1st to December 31st, 2018.



Product Highlights Brochure

 Q-Specials in English

Product Highlights Brochure

 Q-Specials in French


Conditions: This offer ends on December 31, 2018. Orders must be received by Weidmuller by this date. Orders must be sent to an Authorized Weidmuller Distributor. Orders must reference quotation number Q4-2018. Please note that all prices (Regular Price and Special Price) are suggested pricing only.


Products Featured

Please select literature below to view more information for the following products:
LOGIC UNIT WCU 650 Datasheet Download
High-end Power Supplies – PROtop Brochure Download
CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cables Download
FrontCom Micro IP65 Panel Interfaces Download
Compact Duplex AC Outlet Download
connectPower PROeco Power Supplies Download
WI-IO-2-E-N-GBL Wireless IO and Gateway Datasheet Download
Mechanical Torque Screwdrivers Download
Q-Specials 4th Quarter 2018 in English Download
Q-Specials 4th Quarter 2018 in French Download