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Electronics: Relays & Optocouplers

Catalog 4.2

Relay modules and solid-state relays - Order number: 2021220000
0: Complete catalogue Download
1: Contents Download
A: Relay modules and solid-state relays in 6 mm width Download
B: Industrial relay modules Download
C: Power electronics Download
D: Safety relay Download
E: Timer Download
V: Service and support Download
W: Technical appendix/Glossary Download
X: Index Download
Datasheets & Brochures
2010710000 MB TERM-D-SERIES EN (2MB) Download
Delcon Relays for Hazardous Areas (947 KB) Download
Delcon Series Relays - Datasheet (333 KB) Download
DRM Miniature Relays (840 KB) Download
HVDC Relay Module (270 KB) Download
MICROOPTO - Solid State Relays Datasheet (376 KB) Download
MICROSERIES - Class 1, Division 2 Approved Relays (244 KB) Download
Opto Modules and Solid State Relays - Product Information (2.7 MB) Download
picoPak MC5/MC6 Relay Modules (640 KB) Download
picoPak MC5O Solenoid Driver (464 KB) Download
picoPak Optocoupler (181 KB) Download
Relay Couplers: Product Selection Guide (556 KB) Download
SAFESERIES SIL Relays (680 KB) Download
TERMOPTO Solid-State Relays (1,452 KB) Download
TERMSERIES - Relays and Solid-State Relays (1,562 KB) Download
TERMSERIES C1D2 Relay Modules (2MB) Download
TERMSERIES Interface Adapter Datasheet (3MB) Download
TERMSERIES Relays Datasheet (1.8MB) Download
WaveSeries MPI-Opto (66 KB) Download
WOS / Delcon Solid State Relays (159 KB) Download
LIT0918 RIDERSERIES Flyer (756KB) Download
Industrial Relay - RIDERSeries Flyer (539 KB) Download
Micro Opto Solid State Relays Flyer (384KB) Download
TermOpto Solid-State Relays Flyer (373KB) Download
DRM Series - Pluggable Industrial Relays Flyer (207KB) Download
LIT1403 Delcon Series Flyer (838 KB) Download
D-Series Relay Modules Flyer (674 KB) Download
Termseries - The All-rounder Flyer (347KB) Download