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V-Test Portable Test Unit

Streamlines Surge Protection Testing


Maintaining good ongoing surge protection for control systems is often a labor-intensive activity and for this reason, may cause system problems. The issue is that the arrestors, or voltage limiting components, gradually wear out. The more transients they suppress, or current surges they discharge, the less efficient they become. To effectively protect equipment in applications, particularly where lightning is a regular occurrence, it is critical that users test surge protection devices regularly.


If failed Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) in I/O systems are not recognized and replaced, users at best should expect measurement errors and poor control. It is critical for users to regularly monitor the SPD status, so the worn-out arrestors can be replaced. Historically, testing has been a hassle the SPD had to be disconnected from the measurement or control circuit while electrical checks were made to assess its condition.

Streamlines Surge Protection Testing


Weidmuller’s new V-Test portable test unit is the perfect accessory to streamline surge protection testing. Ideal for use with Weidmuller’s Varitector VSPC range of pluggable surge protectors, the hand-held, battery-driven V-Test unit takes only seconds to perform the test, without disconnecting any wiring from the installed SPD. This new timesaving tool ensures high quality connections of the cable shield as the measurement circuit passes through the surge device.


Weidmuller’s pluggable arrestors feature optional remote status, where the SPD generates an alarm, in the event that the control system has not detected the condition. This works well with V-Test to confirm the condition of the arrester. The user simply plugs the arrester module into the V-Test, enters the 10-digit item number via the keypad, observes the resulting “OK“ or “NOT OK” display, and replaces a failed arrester with a spare to get the system back in operation.


Weidmuller’s V-Test provides simple and easy testing of VSPC pluggable surge protectors in Water, Wastewater, Chemicals and Petro-chemical industries.


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