DIN-Rail Receptacles

• Rail sizes: TS 15/32/35 • Material: Steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum • Rail types: solid, slotted, Hi-Rail, shallow and deep


DIN-Rail receptacles, 5A, 15A and 20A power outlets, provide a convenient power source for portable computers or test devices for in-the-panel troubleshooting. They mount on standard 35mm DIN rail. The terminations accept slotted or Phillips screwdrivers. The mounting foot includes a latching lock - slide it open, mount the module on the DIN rail and slide the lock closed.




Enclosed 15A or 20A power outlets that provide a simple and convenient power source inside a panel. These units are ideal for portable computers or test devices for in-panel troubleshooting.



This DIN-rail mountable duplex receptacle makes adding a 120V maintenance AC outlet to control cabinets quick and easy. It mounts on standard 35mm DIN-rail and requires just 42mm of rail space. An LED indicates that 120V is applied to the module.




DIN-rail mounted maintenance units for use in control cabinets as 120 VAC outlets for power tools, lights, test equipment, etc. Two versions are available - a single 5 amp outlet with circuit breaker and a single 15 amp outlet without circuit breaker.

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