Klippon® Connect: the pioneering connectivity solutions

Klippon® Connect: the pioneering connectivity solutions

Increasingly complex production processes and technological leaps consistent with Industry 4.0 call for new solutions for more efficient panel building. With Klippon® Connect you will successfully master all demands of today and tomorrow: Tailored application products, universal terminal blocks and process-supporting services offer the right solution for every concept. You already know what you are looking for? Then use our short-cuts. Or get more detailed information below.


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GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT with PUSH IN connection technology

GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT with PUSH IN connection technology

GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT with PUSH IN connection technology

The efficiency of your manufacturing processes depends mainly on the amount of wiring required. Weidmüller components with PUSH IN technology reduce your connection times by up to 50 %.

With PUSH IN, the conductor is simply inserted into the terminal point up to the stop and a secure and gas-tight connection is established - without any tools. Learn more about PUSH IN connections and how you can increase your efficiency and the quality of your work.

Product news

Klippon® Connect AITB terminal blocks for building installation wiring Product innovation

For a structured building installation wiring

A large number of standards and regulations govern the building industry. As a result, high safety standards must be met for electrical installations. These standards also apply to a wide range of components that have to be integrated into complex control cabinets in a confined space. Our new AITB modular terminal block system was specially developed to meet the specific requirements and safety regulations for wiring in building installations. Special features of the series ensure real added value in planning, installation and operation on site.

Klippon® Connect AITB terminal blocks for building installation wiring
  • Clearly structured functional areas and the convenient PUSH IN connection technology ensure significant time savings
  • A double cross-connection channel ensures intelligent potential multiplication within three-phase systems
  • Shape and marker positioning of the terminals are optimally adapted to robot-supported assembly processes
  • The digital design of terminal strips in the WMC enables the creation of consistent documentation for production

Expansion of Klippon® Connect WPD - potential distribution terminal blocks

Klippon® Connect potential distribution blocks WPD 111 and WPD 113

The energy and zero potentials that are fed into machines and plants often need to be distributed even further to supply, for example, motors. Those extensions have to be as safe, efficient, and space-saving as possible.

WPD distribution blocks have a unique stair form and screw heads in an offset position. The latter ensure at every echelon level a safe and comfortable connection in systems and housings, even in confined spaces.

Expansion of Klippon® Connect WPD - potential distribution terminal blocks
  • Available in the colors grey, blue, red and black
  • Self-extinguishing, halogen-free plastic housing
  • High finger protection according to EN 50274
  • Short circuit resistance according to high SCCR standard

Separate potentials simply and safely in confined spaces

Klippon® Connect test-disconnect terminal blocks

In marshalling cabinets of industrial control systems, signal lines from the field are often connected with terminal blocks. These are known as a robust, simple, and tidy connection option. However, their use requires sufficient current protection and a reliable disconnection circuit.

Our A2T 2.5 DT/DT test-disconnect terminal blocks enable a safe and simple electrical isolation in confined spaces. Two potentials can be operated with only one terminal block, resulting in space-savings of 50%. The multifunctional disconnect section can be converted into a fuse terminal or equipped with a component plug to enable the integration of electronic components.

Separate potentials simply and safely in confined spaces
  • Separation of two different potentials on one terminal block
  • Maximum safety due to color-contrasted disconnect levers
  • Integrated testing point on each connection point
  • Multifunctional disconnect area for individual applications

Expansion of Klippon® Connect sub-distribution blocks

Klippon® Connect sub-distribution block WPD 110

Sub-distribution and localized systems can be found not only in the building industry, but also in other industries such as machinery. As the name suggests, the respective lines in different cross-sections must be collected and distributed within these switchgear.

Our expansion of the sub-distribution blocks with the WPD 110 variant enables the collection and distribution of wires with a cross-section of up to 70 mm². In combination with the WPD 100, the range of 1.5 - 70 mm² can be covered within the cabinet. The patented connection area also enables the flexible and simple use of aluminum conductors.

Expansion of Klippon® Connect sub-distribution blocks
  • Connection of aluminum conductors
  • Self-extinguishing, halogen-free plastic housing
  • Finger safe as per EN 50274
  • Connection description with letters and numbers

Solve electronic switching tasks individually and flexibly

Klippon® Connect A2T 2.5 EM terminal blocks with electronic components

In industrial control panels, the smallest electronic components often have to be integrated to protect sensitive electronics, to connect components, to visualize operating states, and much more. Furthermore, maximum flexibility is required for the individual design of circuits.

Our terminal blocks with integrated electronic components provide a space-saving way of integrating important functions into circuits. The standard portfolio includes terminals with integrated diodes, resistors, and LEDs. In addition, specific components can be selected and soldered into the terminal body. This allows Klippon® Connect terminals with PUSH IN technology to be used extremely flexibly for a wide range of switching tasks.

Solve electronic switching tasks individually and flexibly
  • Maximum flexibility due to designs with and without integrated electronic components
  • Highest security for components against voltage peaks and overvoltage
  • Multifunctional separation area for individual applications

Klippon® Connect high current terminal blocks Product innovation

Increasing levels of automation call for more space in the control cabinet. With our feed-through terminal blocks A2C 50/70 and A2C 95/120 from the A-series these requirements will be achieved and additional a safe and efficient distribution of the electricity to the power consumers will be realized.

Klippon® Connect high current terminal blocks
  • Quick identification & selection of best fit
  • Good visibility marking
  • Standardized testing options
  • Identification of external voltage
  • Pre-aseembled blocks
  • Innovative PUSH IN-Power connection

Pioneering connectivity solutions

Pioneering connectivity solutions
Volker Bibelhausen on the highlight topic of Industrial Connectivity

Pioneering connectivity solutions

With Klippon® Connect, we offer innovative ideas for extra efficiency in panel planning, installation and operation. Our newly structured terminal block range includes custom-fit application products, new PUSH IN terminals (A-Series) with practical details and process-supporting services such as the Weidmüller Configurator.

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Simple planning through software support

Simple planning through software support

Use the Weidmüller Configurator to quickly and easily configure and request our components. The tool supports continuous engineering workflows, from planning with E-CAD systems through to documentation.

4-day Fast Delivery Service

4-day Fast Delivery Service

With our Fast Delivery Service, we offer quotations within minutes, flexible made-to-order production and reliable delivery times for individual assemblies.

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Industry experience

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