Control your systems more efficiently

Control your systems more efficiently

Protected service interfaces on the enclosure walls of your control cabinets provide your technicians with fast and secure access to control elements and functional electronics in the control cabinet at any time. Conveniently doing so from outside – through the closed cabinet door. This means that you can have a wealth of service work performed during ongoing operation and don’t have to wait on specially authorized professionals. At the same time, the risk of misuse or accidents is drastically reduced.

The FrontCom® Vario system from Weidmüller is easy to assemble and can be flexibly combined: You can choose between different data, signal and power modules depending on your needs. The front panel interface with socket allows easy access for maintenance.



FrontCom® Vario combines several functions in just a single frame, so it only takes up half the space.

More flexible

More flexible

With a modular design and more than 5,000 possible combinations, FrontCom® Vario offers unique flexibility.



RJ45 inserts according to latest Cat. 6A standard and a wide range of applications thanks to a future-proof portfolio.

Product range

FrontCom® Vario integrates several functions in just one single or double frame. The system is easy to install and you can select from a wide range of data, signal and power modules (e.g. socket). FrontCom® Vario is not only extremely compact, but also has an attractive housing design, is extremely shock-resistant and meets protection class IP65.

FrontCom® Vario

Perfect combination of single or double frame, communication, and power inserts as well as the ideal insert plate for almost every configuration

  • Various closing mechanisms
  • RJ45 inserts according to latest Cat. 6A standard
  • Optional shielding via frame’s earthing screw for data and signal inputs

FrontCom® Vario with appropriate closures for every security level

Access plants and processes more efficiently

  • Fast and safe access to the PLC in the control cabinet
  • Convenient troubleshooting, configuration, and programming
  • Fast service access without consulting a qualified electrician

FrontCom® Micro

FrontCom® Micro is the first choice for compact data access with its range of Ethernet and USB inserts as well as STEADYTEC® technology.

  • Easy installation due to standard 22 mm round hole
  • RJ45 inserts according to latest Cat. 6A standard
  • IP65 protection degree

The modular principle - choose your components


Different frames allow FrontCom® Vario to adapt to different requirements and environmental conditions.


Depending on your requirements, you can opt for different data, signal or power inserts (e.g. socket) and simply lock them to the suitable insert plate.

Insert plates

Different insert plates are available for holding the inserts. They are set apart by different combinations of holders for power, data and signal inserts. Also available with shielding.


FrontCom® Vario Kits

FrontCom® Vario integrates multiple functions in only one single frame and you can also order it using one single part number

FrontCom® Vario Kits
  • Top configurations available
  • Installation ready - Comes with components pre-assembled in insert plate
  • Get just what you need right when you want it

FrontCom® Vario configurator

FrontCom® Vario configurator

To quickly and easily create the front interface requested, we support you with our online wizard. In three steps you select your specific combination from a range of frames, insert plates and interface inserts - as a result you get a parts list of individual components, which you can save, print or submit to us straight away as an order.

FrontCom® Vario single frame

FrontCom® Vario single frame

Get to know our FrontCom® Vario single frame. In addition to the product features, you will learn more about the handling of this front panel interface with integrated control cabinet socket.

FrontCom® Vario double frame

FrontCom® Vario double frame

Get to know the characteristics and handling of FrontCom® Vario double frame. It offers the required amount of space to combine up to 10 ports, with the option to connect a power socket with a circuit breaker.


Our information material on the FrontCom® Vario service interfaces is available for you to download. Download our brochure or our product catalog to find exactly the components for your interface that meet your requirements. Use these resources to find the solution that fits your individual requirements best.

Convenient Power: DRAC Series AC Receptacles

This DIN-rail mountable duplex receptacle makes adding a 120V maintenance AC outlet to control cabinets quick and easy. It mounts on a standard 35 mm DIN rail.

Convenient Power: DRAC Series AC Receptacles
Features & Benefits
  • Design flexibility
  • Single-unit module
  • UL508A and cULus listed
  • Visual power indication
  • Flexible mounting options

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