Industrial labeling systems for every requirement

Weidmuller labeling systems are a fast and efficient method for creating markings and labels, e.g. for terminal blocks, conductors, cables and devices. Our PrintJet CONNECT industrial inkjet printer and MultiMark thermal transfer printers work fast and offer an excellent print image. They are durable, robust and were specially designed for intensive industrial use. M-Print® PRO printing and ordering software makes labeling electrical operating equipment particularly convenient. The labels and markings remain legible even when exposed to the highest level of wear and tear, which makes them perfect for use in production, machine construction and automation technology. Weidmuller industrial printers are the key to efficient and error-free identification.

Industrial printers as part of systemized marking

We offer you a comprehensive approach for industrial labeling systems. The printer, software and markers form a coordinated unit. The industrial printer is the focus, and produces high-quality, durable markings. Specialized M-Print® PRO printing and ordering software makes it possible to quickly and easily create custom markings. Markers from Weidmuller are designed to harmonize perfectly with labeling systems and software.



Intuitive to use and tailored to your needs. M-Print® PRO software makes it easy to import, edit, and manage data. Take full advantage of the performance capabilities of your industrial printer, and integrate them into your work processes seamlessly. Efficient and precise marking!



Constructive solutions for all control cabinet-related applications. From shrink-fit sleeves to metal markers, Weidmuller’s broad product range covers almost any requirement. High-quality markers deliver clear and durable identification that withstands even challenging industrial conditions.



Ink or thermal transfer – industrial printing systems for every requirement. Cutting-edge design ensures operating equipment markings on electrical equipment are precise, durable, and easy to read. This design delivers error-free identification of operating equipment of all kinds.

Our range of industrial printers

Weidmuller stands for innovation and quality in industry. We meet the highest standards with our extensive range of industrial printers for different requirements. Sharp printing results, improved production processes, durable marking, significant time savings – our labeling systems make all this and more possible.


The efficient ink jet printer for highest standards As an innovative development of our PrintJet series, the PrintJet CONNECT fulfills requirements for a high printing speed delivering high-quality printing results. The industrial printer is specially tailored to needs in industry and in panel building.

Thermal transfer printer

The compact and robust all-rounder with thermal transfer technology The industrial printer is the smart and modular solution for various peripheral equipment, by combining multiple work steps to optimize the process. It delivers flexibility and efficiency instead of time-consuming adjustments.

THM MultiMark LPC

Supported by the new THM MultiMark Labeling Processing Center (LPC), the tedious application of labels with screwdrivers or tweezers is no longer necessary. A laser is used to project the label outline onto the product surface without distortion to enable correct alignment of the component. The printing and application process is then started via a foot switch. In just a few seconds, the component is precisely labeled.

SmarkLaser CENTER

Efficient and permanent labeling of cables in harsh environments With the SmarkLaser CENTER, efficient and durable marking of metal markets in rough industrial environments is a breeze. The industrial laser printer rapidly produces high quantities of high-quality cable markers.

Klippon® Automated RailLaser

Simple and efficient marking of assembled mounting rails The Klippon® Automated RailLaser delivers quick and precise printing results fully automatically in combination with the Weidmuller Configurator (WMC). By doing so, the terminal labeling printer achieves time savings of up to 90% – with no loss of quality.

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