Electronic housing from the circuit diagram to the control cabinet

Due to miniaturization and ever-increasing requirements in terms of functionality, electronic devices are becoming smaller, more economical, and also more powerful. This increases the demand on electronic housings in terms of form, user-friendliness, and function. They must be able to adapt in the best possible way to the electronics developed and at the same time meet the requirements of the various industries and environments. The various products in our portfolio ensure a consistent, dynamic and digitalized process in the development of your devices. Weidmüller electronic housings are the efficient and future-proof basis to accompany your devices through the product life cycle.

Your benefits at a glance

Long-term experience

Long-term experience

Proven experience in electronics housing for industrial applications, with a focus on signal and data processing and power electronics.

Services for your design-in processes

Services for your design-in processes

From the specification stage right through to serial production of your individual solution – we offer the right services for your device design process.



Our 3 different housing forms and a sophisticated modular system offers you tailored housings for your electronic.

OMNIMATE® Housings product range

More than electronic housings

Keep an eye on all costs and stay competitive. Benefit from our full service around the entire product life cycle. Starting with the selection of the appropriate electronic housing, through the design-in process to product customization of customer-specific electronic housing in the market phase. Whether in one of our low-cost small packages or in our innovative CH20M modular package, your electronics are our priority. Choose from the wide range of products in our online catalog, or simply configure your exact electronic housing with our Weidmüller Configurator.

Modular Housings

Your electronics are unique. Our modular housing CH20M (Modular Housing IP20) adapts as if tailor-made to the requirements of your electronic assembly.

  • Modular design
  • Short assembly times
  • Large printed circuit board area
  • Tailor-made to your electronics

Small Housing

Small housing with an enclosed construction design are used in miniature applications such as relay coupler and opto modules and stand out on account of their compactness in the terminal format.

  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for simple small solutions
  • Cross-connectable

Profile housing

The combination of standard pitches mounted side by side in any arrangement and bulk stock cut accurate to the millimeter creates the perfect balance between flexibility and economic efficiency.

  • Variable length
  • Standard connection technology usable
  • Large PCB area

OMNIMATE® Services

With our OMNIMATE® services, we can help you and your business achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency. You can reduce your product costs and benefit from our support across all phases of your project.

Feel free to contact our experts for more information on our Electronic housings or if anything is unclear. Simply use the services of our support center. We’ll help you identify the ideal solution for your needs.

Service tools

Weidmüller Configurator

Our Weidmüller Configurator is a software application you can download with just one click to configure your equipment or control cabinet. You can easily assemble your switched-mode power supplies and order your customized product directly from the application.

Free-of-charge 72-hour sample service

With our free 72-hour OMNIMATE® sample service, you have the opportunity to order your design-in samples quickly and easily from our product catalog. Within just 72 hours, we’ll deliver your sample PCB plug-in connectors and terminals to your preferred location.

Creep and clearance distances

Learn how to accurately measure clearance and creepage distances and what standards have to be observed in order to fulfill requirements relating to PCB terminals and connectors.

Wire connection technologies

Depending on the requirements and area of use, we’ll offer you the connection system you need. Gather full details on our range of wire connection systems and convince yourself of the benefit to the customer.

Resource collection

Watch our handling videos, find the answers in our FAQs or learn more about soldering methods, norms and standards, mounting options, derating curves and further detailed information.

Digital data

We offer extensive component libraries of OMNIMATE® PCB connectors and terminals for EDA systems. We can also support you in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of your design using CAD and 3D data. Weidmüller provides you with full product data in BMEcat format including engineering data


We’ll provide you with full product information and expert knowledge. In the portfolio overview for our individual products, you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, download our product catalog to identify the specific electronic housings you need.

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