Plug-and-produce instead of complex assembly

Plug-and-produce instead of complex assembly

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Reduce your cabling workload - with our ready-to-connect solutions

In an increasingly digital environment, the reliable transmission of power, signals and data requires both the rapid availability of standardized plug-and-produce solutions and the development of individual special cables that are efficient in assembly and operation. Whether signal cables for sensors or data cables for Ethernet with different mating faces - Weidmuller offers the right cabling for every field of application.

With different levels of customization, we accommodate you in every planning situation: Choose from our extensive range of pre-assembled cables or contact us to request individual signal cables for sensors or Ethernet cables for data transmission. We offer you individual solutions with needs-based cable lengths, plugs, markings or colors starting at a batch size of one. From standard solutions to new developments - with us, you are always correctly connected.

Seamless connection

Seamless connection

Reliable transmission of energy, signals and data with consistent connection technology.

High-quality technologies

High-quality technologies

Our connectors, cables and wires comply with the latest norms and quality standards.

Flexible customization

Flexible customization

From the standard cable to the individual cable - we ensure the economically optimal implementation.

Product range

Individual cord sets

Weidmuller offers customized solutions for various application areas, whether signal cables for sensors or data cables for Ethernet lines with different mating faces. Configure signal cables, data cables, network cables (with RJ45 plug) for each of your fields of use.

Individual cord sets
Your benefits
  • Various individualization levels of our cables to meet your needs in every planning situation
  • Demand-oriented lengths of cables and wires, plugs, markings or colors from a batch size one onwards
  • Compatible for use in robots and with recyclable, halogen-free cables
  • Create your own variants of lines and cables with the aid of our online configurator

SAI cord sets

Sensor cord sets

  • Type M8 and M12 cables
  • Protection class of the sensor cables: IP65, 66, 67, 68 and 69
  • 360° shielded and unshielded cables for static and flexible installation

Valve cord sets

  • Type A, B, B-DIN, C and C-DIN
  • Protection class of the valve cables: IP67 with different protective circuits
  • Transparent housing with integrated seal

Power cord sets

  • M12 S-, T-, K- and L-coded
  • Protection class of the power cord sets: IP67
  • Transmission of up to 630 V AC or 60 V DC and 12 A

Bus cord sets

  • PROFIBUS, CANopen/DeviceNet and EtherCat
  • Protection class of the bus cord sets: IP67
  • 360° shielded cables for static and flexible installation

M23 cord sets

  • Connecting cables for IP67 distributors
  • 12 and 19 poles
  • Protection class of the M23 cords: IP67

7/8″ cord sets

  • Power connector for IP67 I/O modules
  • 3, 4 and 5 poles
  • Protection class of the 7/8″ cord sets: IP67

Patch cables

Ethernet patch cables

  • M12 and RJ45 patch cables
  • Data transmission speed up to 10 Gbps
  • 360° shielded network cables for static and flexible installation

Patch cables: CabinetLine

  • RJ45 patch cables
  • Data transmission speed up to 10 Gbps
  • 8 different jacket colors

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Do you need more information about cord sets, patch cords and cables from Weidmuller? We have compiled further information for you, which is available for download. Feel free to download our product catalog and various flyers to find exactly the meter goods, connection cables, patch cables, signal and data cables as well as wires and accessories that meet your requirements. Use these resources to find the right connection technology for your individual needs.

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