Connectivity for device manufacturers

Contact solutions for PCB connections

Connectivity for device manufacturers

Optimal contact solutions for your PCB connection

PCB connectors and PCB terminals are essential components in the manufacturing of electronic devices and circuits. In the course of industrial automation, the PCB connection has to become more and more compact and resistant. What is also important here is a reliable and secure connection with a wide range of functions. This requires a new generation of SMART devices to be integrated with advanced automation solutions for the most efficient manufacturing operation.

We offer innovative connection solutions for next generation devices that ensure optimal transmission of power, signals and data for device manufacturers and system integrators. Our PCB connectors and PCB terminals are designed to meet your needs and allow seamless integration into existing systems. In addition to our products, we also offer comprehensive support services such as design-in support and OEM solutions to help you develop customized connectivity solutions. As a reliable partner for your device manufacturing, you can rely on an optimal connection.

Smart solutions

Smart solutions

Our wide product range includes commodity parts, customized parts, and tailor-made solutions with the software and services to support rapid development and reduced time-to-market. Our Smart Connectivity Competence Center is dedicated to developing new products in the field of electrical connectivity.

New technologies

New technologies

Innovation drives our business, which is reflected in the dynamic new technologies we are establishing to be the standard for next generation connectivity. Our market experience and proven track record demonstrate that we are constantly driving the development of our product portfolio

Partner for connectivity

Partner for connectivity

Our global team has experience in diverse markets including industrial controls, motion controls, telecoms, robotics, and power electronics. Let our global team of experts work with your engineering specialists to identify the best components and develop an optimal solution.

Product highlights for device manufacturers

Are you looking for brilliant connections for your devices? Device manufacturing solves the challenges of connecting the building blocks of the next generation - a connected smart world. This includes solutions for factory automation, building infrastructure, security, telecoms, renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, and smart cities. Our partnership with leaders in these vertical markets has enabled us to develop industry-leading solutions, and our flexible approach to problem solving means we can deliver the best solutions for your design problems in record time.


PCB connectors and PCB terminals

Our broad, application-specific product range for OMNIMATE® Power, Signal, Data encompasses products for industrial applications, with a focus on signal processing and power electronics.

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet will be the next generation of communication architecture for industrial IoT. The concept of Ethernet right down to the sensors promises a seamless connection from the sensor to the cloud.


Find all the connectors you need, from signal to power to data. We offer all connector types for your specific wiring and connector architecture, with high quality and short delivery times.

Electronic housings

Our electronic housings offer a future-proof platform for electronic applications in any design and for all areas of application. The application and its requirements are satisfied by the housing concept.

Service highlights for device manufacturers

Do you want to make your design-in processes uniquely efficient? Efficient planning and design-in processes save you valuable time in product development. In addition to our PCB components, we offer a wide range of support tools and services. From technical specifications, through development and design, to approval and series production, our OMNIMATE® Services can considerably reduce your project expenditure and time to market. Put your trust in our expertise when acquiring information and find the right components for your device quickly and easily with our convenient online tools.

Service Tools

  • OMNIMATE® 4.0 web configurator:
     Create your individual device connection
  • ConnectorGuide:
     Find the right product for your requirements
  • Free 72h sample service:
     Order your design-in sample quickly and easily
  • Digital data:
     Discover our component libraries for EDA systems


  • White paper:
     Discover our new products in device connection technology
  • Clearance and creepage distances:
     Get a detailed overview for accurate dimensioning
  • Wire connection technologies:
     Explore our different connection technologies
  • Resource collection:
     Get a summary about our expertise



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The SNAP IN connection technology will take your wiring processes to a whole new level. With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance work are as quick as snapping your fingers.

The connection is as simple in principle as it is to use: The stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points and the snap connection snaps into place with a click.

The latest news from device manufacturers

As a leader in technology, we have succeeded in revolutionizing PCB connection technology with our PCB connectors and PCB terminals. Our components are highly popular in industrial applications and are optimized for application-oriented design and efficient production. Our focus here is on signal processing and power electronics. We simplify our customers' processes through our outstanding range of services and the digital data we provide.

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