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TwinCap – Sensors for reliable condition monitoring

Detect damaged bolt nuts at an early stage

Over the course of operating time, cracks, damage and fractures can occur in bolt nuts. TwinCap reliably detects such signs of wear and can thus prevent costly consequential damage.



Individual PV Communication Boxes on your request

Power and signal connectivity on site simplified

PV Communication Boxes are necessary to connect the field buses of Combiner Boxes and other data sources (trackers, meteo-stations, inverters etc.) to the PV plant network infrastructure while providing full interconnection with the devices in the PV system.

Single Pair Ethernet


Single Pair Ethernet portfolio extension

Data connections for the factory of the future

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is the extension of Ethernet technology. SPE is compact, flexible, and supports continuous Ethernet communication from the sensor to the cloud. SPE therefore is the optimal solution for extending Ethernet networks to the field level.

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