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Weidmuller Application & Training Center

Weidmuller has been shaping the landscape of Smart Industrial Connectivity in Richmond, VA, since 1975.

Our customer-focused, application-specific solutions and future-oriented products make us pioneers in creating what’s possible for smart industrial automation and manufacturing across multiple industries – from automation technology to renewable energy to device manufacturing and more.

That’s why since 2021, the Weidmuller Application and Training Center USA delivers technical, sales and solutions training with a focus on hands-on demonstrations to our employees, customers and partners across the United States. Learn more and let’s connect!

Interactive. Immersive. Innovative.

We are pleased to unveil distributor focused training

We offer a 2 to 3 day interactive training experience that will give our distribution partners a deeper understanding of Weidmuller products, automation technology and solutions.

Introducing Weidmuller's Distributor Connect Training Program

Intermediate Training

Learn Weidmuller’s complete product family, understand the key questions to ask, and how to sell our products to solve customers’ problems.

What to expect:

  • Dive deep into the Weidmuller Configurator (WMC)
  • Learn how to sell Weidmuller products and solutions
  • Simulate “real world” problem solving through an interactive, hands-on training course
  • Learn about all of the tools and services we offer — WMC, Product Wizards, Resource Center, Product Catalog and more!

Interested in learning more?

Interested in learning more?

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