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With our u-create software range, you are fully prepared for a wide range of potential applications, such as the implementation of small, large, and networked control solutions or scalable visualization concepts.

We offer web-based engineering for simple and innovative engineering. With our visualization tools we complete our software portfolio.

Product range

Engineering Tools


u-create web

Web-based engineering software for flexible and future-proof engineering

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  • Platform and device-neutral programming, configuration and system parametrization in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Use of standardized web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Compatible with the u-control 2000 web and u-remote hardware, as well as IoT-Gateway as standalone device

Visualization Tools


u-create PROCON-WEB Embedded

  • Minimal hardware requirements for easy deployment to third party applications based on Linux or via container technology
  • PROCON-WEB Embedded Systems can be implemented independently of hardware and operating system. Web-based visualization, support for mobile devices, and open communication standards increase flexibility.
  • Predefined control elements, user and rights management, multilingualism, data recording, recipe management, alarm and message processing, and many other features make PROCON-WEB Embedded Systems versatile.
  • Features such as the class-instance concept and automation objects with structure support speed up project planning. Scripting and customizable control elements increase flexibility for special requirements.


  • Modern user interfaces without knowledge of web technologies
  • Adaptive design and customizable control elements
  • User and rights management including geographical rights assignment



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With our u-create Portfolio we will support your automation.

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