PLC Interface Solutions

• PLC/DCS specific pre-assembled cables • Integrated components (fuses, disconnect) • Compact and space saving • 1-wire, 2-wire and 3-wire


Weidmuller now offers a full line of pre-assembled Interface cables in conjunction with an expanded line of space saving universal Interface modules for a broad range of industry standard PLCs. This new line is designed to give users easy, quick and secure I/O wiring. The pre-assembled Interface cables and modules are available for the most common industrial PLCs and Micro PLCs from major manufacturers including Rockwell, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Telemecanique, Omron and ABB.

Each pre-assembled Interface cable assembly features a jacketed round cable that is attached directly to the original connectors for each specific PLC model I/O card. This system plugs directly into the PLC I/O cards for quick and easy I/O signal termination, saving users time and money, as well as eliminating the potential of incorrect wiring.



Interface Units

Given the need to reduce costs in electrical cabinet construction, interface units offer an alternative to wiring concepts with point-to-point wiring. The prime function of interface units is to act as a trouble-free adapter element between standardized plug connectors and point-to-point wiring or other connection systems.

Interface units consist of the following individual components:

  • Extruded profile for inserting the PCB
  • End plates for fitting on the mounting rail
  • Clip-on feet for locking on standardized mounting rails TS 32 and TS 35
  • PCB with connecting and indicating elements, DIN plug connectors and ample marking facilities for equipment identification


PLC Interfaces: H-,R- and S-System

The complexity of machines and installations in industry, processing or building is giving rise to ever-increasing cabling costs. The traditional wire to wire cabling between the PLC and the inputs/outputs is very expensive during installation and commissioning. The PLC interface system offers the user an easy and quick-to-install solution for wiring the inputs and outputs of the SIEMENS SIMATIC® S7.

Special front adapters replace the usual screwed connectors used for the I/O cards of the PLC. The signals from the PLC are sent to the active or passive components by means of a prefabricated lead fitted with a 20-pole female connector.



Byte Precabling System

This system allows the user to design a byte wiring system for digital inputs as well as outputs.It is possible to connect the inputs and outputs either directly by using an 8-channel wiring interface or interface them with relays and optocouplers. In this case, individual modules from the MICROseries family are used which are directly assembled in groups of 8 and connected by cable to the PLC using an adapter fitted with a 10-pole HE10 female connector.


You can thus use different power supplies on each of the 8 channels.

  • Screw or tension clamp connection
  • Very compact modules
  • Clear and accurate labelling
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