Photovoltaic Supplemental Accessories

Our lightning and surge protection devices, markers and materials for PV applications

Photovoltaic Supplemental Accessories

Simplify your PV installations

The wide range of Weidmüller components for your photovoltaic systems combine the highest quality with an easy, fast and safe application.

Lightning and Surge Protection

VARITECTOR PU PV for more safety

PV systems are directly exposed to environmental influences because they are always installed in exposed locations. Therefore the probability of lightning strikes and resulting overvoltage is high. The components of unprotected PV systems are again and again considerably damaged.

Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Type I devices are available in 1,000 and 1,500 V DC versions
  • Type II devices are available in 600, 1,000, 1,200 or 1,500 V DC versions
  • Optionally with or without a remote signalling contact
  • The entire product portfolio for photovoltaic systems complies with the current photovoltaic standard EN 50539-11

PV Labels and Markers

UV resistant labels and cable markers

The wide range of PV application specific labels and cable markers make the installation complete and make it easy to keep an overview during maintenance.

PV Labels and Markers
Product advantages
  • UV resistant
  • Norm conform
  • Designed for a long lifetime


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