Easy. fast & safe. installation

Easy. fast & safe. installation

Our mission toward the energy transition: We want to make the installation of PV systems on the roof easier, faster and safer for installers. For this reason, we offer an extensive range of PV combiner boxes, surge protection devices, connectors, tools and components.

The combiner box product family PV Next offers standard variants for DC-side protection of the installation between PV panel and inverter. At the same time, PV strings can be combined in the PV boxes to reduce the amount of cabling required.

Get to know our photovoltaic products for rooftop systems here and find many more tips on photovoltaic installation.

German Design Award Gold for PV Next

German Design Award Gold for PV Next

Our flexible and compact combiner box PV Next was awarded the German Design Award 2023 in Gold.

Products for rooftop PV systems

PV Next Combiner Box

  • Standardized, highly-scalable combiner box for residentials and commercial photovoltaic applications
  • Covers today's standard requirements, enabling PV installers to work faster and more cost-effectively
  • PUSH IN technology reduces assembly times and minimizes the risk of errors

PV Next Fireman Switch

  • Disconnects PV modules from the grid in case of fire
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • Energy-saving, fully autonomous switching on and off
  • Efficient combination of strings with cable savings of up to 50%
  • Two functions, one compact design: variants with integrated overvoltage protection

PV Protect OVP Box

  • Optimum protection of the inverter against overvoltages
  • Ready-to-connect boxes available for different system voltages
  • Various arrestor types and MPP trackers

PV accessories

  • Everything you need for an easy, fast and safe installation:
  • Reliable PV connectors, cables, tools, labels and markers, lightning and surge protection, fuses

Efficient installation of rooftop PV systems

Are you looking for solutions to increase the efficiency of your photovoltaic installation projects? This section provides an overview of the right products for reliable protection in commercial and residential buildings. Learn more about our PV combiner boxes, surge protection, tools and the fitting products for different inverter types.

TECH TALKs & Webinars

In our TECH TALK video series, we focus on our customers' challenges and present a short and simple solution. In our PV-Edition we deal with special tips and tricks for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roof.

The webinar recordings provide deeper insight into installing rooftop PV systems with our products. What is the best way to protect your equipment from overvoltage? How to find the right combiner box? This and more you will learn in our webinars.

TECH TALK | PV Edition: Stop crimping on the roof

TECH TALK | PV Edition: Stop crimping on the roof

Let us analyze a common and unnecessary cause of failure in PV rooftop systems: poor crimp connections. If you don't want to crimp on the roof in the future, try our PV Stick.

TECH TALK | PV Edition: A fuse is not a circuit breaker

TECH TALK | PV Edition: A fuse is not a circuit breaker

In this video you will learn how to disconnect photovoltaic strings from the power flow safely and easily with our PV Next combiner boxes with DC switch.

TECH TALK | PV Edition: How to find the perfect match easily

TECH TALK | PV Edition: How to find the perfect match easily

Learn how to use our simple selection tool to find the perfect PV combiner box for your inverter and free yourself from the data sheet juncle.

Webinar | Easy, fast and safe installation of rooftop PV systems with PV Next

Webinar | Easy, fast and safe installation of rooftop PV systems with PV Next

In this webinar, we explain how you can make your photovoltaic installation projects more efficient with our PV boxes PV Next. There is no registration required.

Global reference projects

The best proof of our many years of experience in the development and production of solutions for the photovoltaic industry, are our worldwide reference projects. Whether for rooftop or ground-mounted PV systems, on water or in the desert, our products have been tried and tested and successfully used for many years.

Our products for building infrastructure

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about the Installation of rooftop PV systems

In our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), we answer common questions about installing photovoltaic systems on the roof and provide valuable tips and tricks about our PV products. The content focuses on buildings within the European Union (EU).


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