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Sustainability has never been as important as it is now. For this reason, the relevance of hydrogen plants is also increasing. Hydrogen from renewable energies is considered a key technology for climate neutrality in the energy industry. Hydrogen from renewable energy is considered the key technology for future climate neutrality in the energy industry. Finally, as an energy store, the molecule can synchronize volatile generation from renewable sources with actual demand. In addition, hydrogen can be transported well over long distances, which also enables the import of green energy. Our product portfolio and system solutions already cover a wide range of applications along the process chain of hydrogen production, storage, supply and processing. With our application knowledge for hydrogen plants, you realize the industrialization of your energy infrastructure systems for the use of green electricity in all sectors.

Condition monitoring for electrolysis stacks @ #HM2023

Condition monitoring for electrolysis stacks @ #HM2023

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At Hannover Messe 2023, Dirk Bauerkämper (Head of Market Management New Energies) will present our solutions for condition monitoring of electrolysis stacks.

Your partner for hydrogen

Your partner for hydrogen

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As a partner of Smart Industrial Connectivity, Weidmuller supports its customers worldwide with products, solutions and services covering all aspects of energy, signals and data. Learn in our video how we can support you in the industrialization and digitalization of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen production

Weidmuller offers customized solutions for the digitalization and monitoring of your hydrogen plants. With our products and extensive experience, we actively support the process industry in developing and building sustainable solutions for hydrogen production. We place a special focus on modularization to ensure a fast and successful ramp-up of the hydrogen industry. Whether in the steel and chemical industries or in mobility - hydrogen plays an important role as an operating medium in many applications.

In order for hydrogen plants to be optimally integrated into existing processes, customized solutions are needed, from the connectivity of individual system signals to the visualization of an energy and monitoring system to data analysis via SCADA and the cloud. At Weidmuller, we support you in achieving the ideal solution to "ramp up" hydrogen industrialization so that we can master the energy transition together.

Solutions for electrolyzers

With the increasing importance of hydrogen as an alternative energy source, the various electrolysis processes in particular are coming into focus. Here we support you in all electrolysis technologies to offer you suitable electro-technical solutions for hydrogen plants - from low-temperature electrolysis (60°C) to high-temperature electrolysis (1,000°C). Through individual product development and their own accredited test laboratory, Weidmuller engineers enable condition monitoring for electrolysis stacks. Our systems offer the possibility of continuous quality monitoring, as a quality management tool before delivery, up to continuous monitoring in live operation via remote access. Not only can we withstand the high temperatures, but our product solutions for hydrogen systems are also suitable for particularly harsh and hazardous environments such as offshore applications and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Condition monitoring for electrolysis stacks

Bipolar plates are the heart of electrolyzers used to produce hydrogen. Depending on the manufacturing process, stacks can consist of hundreds of such bipolar plates, whereby a single defective plate can negatively impact the performance of the entire stack. Because of this, it makes sense to monitor the voltage of each plate separately.

We have developed the right solution to do so – it can record and process measured reliably, safely, and economically in potentially explosive areas.

Hydrogen storage and supply

With the right products, ideal solutions can be realized for the storage and supply of hydrogen in hydrogen plants Our wide range of SIL-certified solutions for functional safety, Ex-i signal converters as well as modular and compact control systems help to achieve this. For example, our products offer the best explosion protection, especially for hydrogen.

Are you looking for solutions for the modularization and digitalization of your hydrogen plants? Then contact us to discuss your requirements!

Solutions for hydrogen refueling stations

The current state of hydrogen technology suggests that hydrogen refueling stations will make a major contribution to making road transport more sustainable and greener in the future. With future-oriented and innovative solutions around the topic of hydrogen plants, we are doing our part. No matter which area it concerns, our product range helps you with, among other things Touch Panels in the filling unit. Weidmuller supports you every step of the way along the value chain involved in the customer-specific development of electrical and electrotechnical solutions for hydrogen plants.

Hydrogen processing

Hydrogen as a feedstock can be used in refineries through ammonia and methanol in agriculture, mining and industry to reduce carbon consumption. Weidmuller's state-of-the-art automation systems for hydrogen plants have been the key to economic success for decades.

u-mation from Weidmuller is the solution-oriented approach to automation in hydrogen production. The portfolio includes a complete range of products from controllers and hot-swappable I/O systems to HMIs and SCADA systems.

Whatever requirements you have for hydrogen plants, we will find individual electronic as well as electrotechnical solutions. Your safety is our priority. So rely on our products for explosion protection when working with hydrogen.

Further solutions for renewable energies

Weidmüller takes advantage of its many years of experience to approach the newly forming climate-neutral energy landscape, combining its activities under the area of "New Energy." In order for you to make the best possible decision for your plans, you should of course be fully informed. For example, plan a comprehensive decarbonization with our extensive product range. From the Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM) for fuel cells to the Photovoltaic solutions customized solutions can be implemented. From initial sampling to series production, Weidmüller assists you with customer-specific development of electrical and electrotechnical solutions for hydrogen plants. With many years of experience and great commitment to the industry, we offer products for the digitalization and modularization of hydrogen plants that meet all requirements.


As a pioneer in industrial connection technology, Weidmüller combines expertise gained over many years in wind energy and photovoltaics with its competence in process engineering. This allows the company to integrate its extensive expertise from maritime applications, power to X and DC technology with the new energy landscape. In order to provide you with sufficient information about our products, we provide you with our documents on topics such as the industrialization and digitalization of hydrogen plants. With the portfolio overview, you have collected all the details you need to find ideal solutions for your project.

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