Weidmuller WPD - New Color Offering

Weidmuller WPD - New Color Offering


Weidmuller’s steadfast commitment to setting the world standard in wire termination technology makes Weidmuller the acknowledged world leader. By using the best materials and the best technology, Weidmuller provides the safest and most innovative connection solutions available in a wide area of industrial applications.

Richmond, Virginia- In expanding our commitment to providing standard duty connections, Weidmuller is proud to announce the addition of a new color-coded Power Distribution Block series to our already impressive selection of IP 20 feed-through terminals. These DIN rail/direct mountable blocks are intended for distributing main power sources for low voltage (600V AC/DC, 30-310A) applications, utilizing large wire sizes, and of course, maintaining finger-safe connections. Further, these distribution blocks allow for multi-pole assembly with built-in joiners to gang blocks together to generate two and three-phase groupings.

Weidmuller W-Series Power Distribution (WPD’s) blocks are not your typical distribution blocks: they are clearly designed with the future in mind. They minimize installation costs by unifying power connections in the control cabinet to a single bus module instead of the always bulky and sometimes non-finger safe traditional barrier style blocks. Manage multiple load connections from one to nine poles with a single WPD. Line and Load connections are designed to grip a wide range of wire sizes (AWG 14 - 3/0) making inventory selection for numerous requirements a snap. With application flexibility, reduced installed cost, and safety included, the Weidmuller Power Distribution Blocks deliver power and performance.

- Available in current ranges from 30 A to 310 A at 600 V - AC/DC

- IEC finger-safe design

- UL 94 V), halogen free materials

- IP 20 (NEMA 1)

- DIN rail or direct mount compatible.

Weidmuller WPD - New Color Offering