Outstanding transmission performance in industrial communication

The networking of industrial plant components with Ethernet protocols has become firmly established in almost all market segments and is being continuously further developed. Ethernet is the most widely used network protocol today and makes it possible to network computers, peripherals, servers, switches, routers and other network devices. It provides a reliable and efficient method of data transfer and communication between different devices and systems on the network. This way, Ethernet technology also enables reliable and efficient communication between the various components of a plant within your network.

The Ethernet plug-in (e.g. RJ45) is attached to the end of an Ethernet cable and enables connection to an Ethernet port on a network device, such as a computer, router, switch, or modem. With the help of Ethernet connectors, data can be transmitted in the form of electrical signals between the connected devices. Our industrial connectors for Industrial Ethernet with protection class IP20 and IP67 as well as inserts for copper cables and fiber-optic cables are suitable for any application. Due to the toolless wiring possibilities, they provide a significant reduction in assembly time in the field and speed up your processes. With transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s, you still have plenty of reserve capacity for future applications.

Comprehensive assortment

Comprehensive assortment

Portfolio with IEC Industrial Ethernet connectors for industrial applications in IP20 to IP67.

Easy connection

Easy connection

Due to the easy insulation displacement technology, our RJ45 connectors can be assembled fast and easy.

Certified for worldwide use

Certified for worldwide use

The connectors of our STEADYTEC® series meet the high requirements of worldwide standardization 100%.

Product range

IP20 connectors

RJ45 plug, SC-RJ, SC-Duplex, LC-Duplex

  • Connectors for copper and fiber-optic cables with less assembly time in the field
  • Transmission speed of up to 10 Gigabit/s
  • STEADYTEC® series to meet worldwide norms and standards

IP67 connectors

PushPull, Bayonet, SNAP IN, HDC, M12 D-Code/X-Code

  • Inserts for copper and fiber-optic cables and robust metal and plastic enclosures in IP67
  • Transmission speed of up to 10 Gigabit/s as capacity reserves for future applications
  • STEADYTEC® series to meet worldwide norms and standards

PushPull Power connector with SNAP IN

Assemble faster with excellent connection technology

  • Supplied with pre-tensioned spring – for quick connection without further preparation
  • Significant simplification of cable connection because fewer tools and fewer work steps are required
  • Significant reduction of assembly time compared to conventional connection techniques

RJ45 crimp connector

Cost-effective assembly of PROFINET cables with crimping tools

  • Safe and reliable contacting for fast and cost-efficient processing
  • Possibility of assembly on-site with crimping tool
  • Optimized for PROFINET cables

Assembled RJ45 connectors

Angled and straight connector variants for optimal cable routing

  • Flexible cable routing in four different directions
  • Reliable contacting through piercing connection technology
  • Optimally suited for a wide range of Industrial Ethernet cables

IP68 power connection module

Effortlessly branch or extend your power supply cables

  • High flexibility due to large temperature and connection cross-section range
  • Resistant to water and dust according to IP68 and UV radiation resistant
  • Internationally applicable due to UL approval

Solutions for robot wiring

Robust wiring solutions for PROFINET with our IP67 components for harsh industry applications

PushPull connectors and Weidmüller’s FreeCon junction boxes are the basis of the cabling standard in the automotive industry. The PushPull connectors are an integral part of the power-signal-data installation system for AIDA (Automation Initiative of the German Automotive Industry).

  • No tools required for field assembly
  • Countless variations thanks to highly diverse combinations of inserts
  • Reliable and durable zinc die-cast construction
  • Industrial usage possible due to IP67 protection

FreeCon passive

Connection and coupling elements for power and data connectors for field use in IP65

PushPull Signal Connectors

PushPull plug-in connector set according to PROFINET specification in metal

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You need more information about Ethernet connectors? We have compiled further information for you, which is available for download. Feel free to download our product catalog and various brochures to find exactly the IP20, IP67 connectors, RJ45 plugs as well as other plug-in connectors such as PushPull Power connectors and other accessories that meet your requirements. Use these resources to find the right connection technology for your individual needs.

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