Schrag – Smart PCB terminal for intelligent cloud-based control

The performance of OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminals are demonstrated to outstanding effect in the new app-based control system of ventilation system manufacturer Schrag

Schrag – Smart PCB terminal for intelligent cloud-based control

Offering complete ventilation systems for anything from detached homes to blocks of flats, Schrag GmbH, a company based in Ebersbach near Stuttgart, has been leading the field in controlled room ventilation for residential buildings since the 70s. Schrag's latest innovation, a cloud-based control system for its own ventilation systems, uses Weidmüller's OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminal. This offers design freedom, saves space on the control board and makes things particularly easy for the user when it comes to installation.

Ventilation control using a smartphone or tablet

Schrag has developed the app-based airCloud® platform system for the flexible control and maintenance of different ventilation systems. This intelligent cloud-based control system allows applications to be monitored easily and continuously and eliminates the need for separate operating devices. The system can be operated using an app on a smartphone or tablet.

The control system is also network- and bus-capable, which means it can easily be integrated in smart home solutions, for example.

Space-saving control board thanks to SMD reflow soldering process

Luniscontrol GmbH, a Swiss company that specialises in control modules for industry and buildings, was charged with the development and design of the innovative control board. "The particular challenge for us was to develop an intelligent control system that could be integrated without problems in new systems and as easily as possible in existing systems," explains company owner Martin Link. "Assembly using SMD soldering was essential to space-saving, cost-effective production."

The OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD PCB terminal from Weidmüller offers high component density and outstanding consistency of quality in fully automated assembly. Two solder pads per pole ensure high mechanical stability in accordance with IPC-A-610 Class 2. The non-deforming insulation material LCP, which is highly temperature resistant and has a moisture level of MSL 1, ensures dimensional stability and thus coplanarity of <100 µm for the reflow soldering process without the need for a drying phase beforehand. The PUSH IN connector of the LSF-SMD ensures a reliable, maintenance-free connection with high shock and vibration resistance in accordance with IEC 61373 Category 1b.

"The LSF-SMD allowed us to assemble over 90% of the PCB by means of SMD surface mounting, which also makes it possible to use both sides of the board," explains Link.

The unique conductor outlet direction of 135° was particularly valuable in the application for Schrag. The conductors continue horizontally and are connected without being bent. And this outlet direction is extremely easy to work with. Thanks also to our PUSH IN technology, it is particularly easy to retrofit existing systems.

Peter Giordanengo, Weidmüller industry manager

Unique conductor outlet direction of 135° facilitates installation

The outstanding attributes of the OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD make it a particularly smart solution. The combination of grid dimensions of 3.5 mm, 5.0 mm and 7.5 mm, conductor outlet directions of 90°, 135° and 180° and PUSH IN connections permits easy, time-saving installation for any application.

Total operating costs reduced by up to 30%

The well thought-out, practical attributes of the OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD ensure significantly increased efficiency throughout the entire process – from board layout, assembly and processing to deployment in the field. It is thus possible to reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Successful partnership for cutting-edge developments

The good working relationship between Luniscontrol and Weidmüller was also a factor in the development of a particularly cost-effective solution for the control unit of Schrag's airCloud® system. The intelligent cloud-based control unit is now being marketed and used successfully in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

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