HB-Series Miniature Circuit Breakers

A Breaker Like No Other: Compact AC/DC UL 489 Approved Circuit Breaker in 13mm Housing

HB-Series Miniature Circuit Breakers

Increase performance and save space with our Hydraulic Magnetic miniature circuit breakers.

Increase performance and save space with our Hydraulic Magnetic miniature circuit breakers.

The new universal-voltage HB-SERIES Circuit Breaker from Weidmuller is the latest addition to our Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers lineup. It features modularity, ease of use, and space-saving well beyond that of conventional circuit breakers.

The operational universal-voltage ranges from 240VAC/80VDC for 1 and 3 Poles, and 120/240VAC/80VDC for 2-Pole variants, which are available in 0.5-32 Amps in instantaneous, short, medium and long delay curves.

Features & Benefits


Visual Operational Indicator

  • Green/Off – indicates physical contacts are open allowing work on downstream circuit to be carried out safely.
  • Red/ON – “Circuit is Live” Conforms to IEC/EN 60947-2 for industrial isolation

Finger Safe Terminals

  • Touch safe with captive screws

Rising Conductor Cage Clamp

  • Excellent retention of ferruled, solid, or stranded wire.

Multi-stage Arc Extinguishing Chamber

  • Compact and well-proportioned blowout arc grid plates work to draw out, split, reduce, and extinguish arcs caused when opening a circuit.

Additional Features & Benefits

Additional Features & Benefits

Additional Features & Benefits

Advance Hydraulic Electromagnetic Tripping Mechanism

  • Hydraulic oil viscosity creates time lags longer or shorter at cold or hot temperatures
  • No thermal element, therefore resettable immediately after close
  • No derating necessary, 100% rated breaker
  • High Shock and Vibration endurance, 10G and 5G respectively.

Spring Loaded Metal DIN Rail Locking Clip

  • For superior shock and vibration resistance, and hold on all types of TS35 DIN rail.

Approval Rating

  • cULus Listed UL489

Black V-0 Flame Retardant Casing

  • RoHS approved
  • Burning stops within 10 seconds, limits drops of plastic to not be inflamed.

Immediate Reset Toggle Switch

  • No thermal elements, no heat build-up, thus no “cooling off” period is required after a fault.Maximum Operation Working Environment

Maximum Operation Working Environment

  • -40 ± 85 °Celsius
  • Altitude: ≦ 2000m

Auxiliary Switch and Trip Alarm Features

Auxiliary Switch and Trip Alarm Features

  • Auxiliary switch
  • AC and DC voltages
  • IEC 60947-5-1 Pending (6 A 250 Vac, 0.5 A 110 Vdc)
  • Factory fitted
  • Attached to right hand side of circuit breaker
  • Compact 6.5 mm width



  • AC branch circuit protection
  • Telecom / datacom equipment
  • Lighting control
  • UPS Equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Mobile power-generation equipment
  • Railway signaling equipment
  • Residential equipment
  • Industrial equipment


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