HB-Series Miniature Circuit Breakers

A Breaker Like No Other: Compact AC/DC UL 489 Approved Circuit Breaker in 13mm Housing

HB-Series Miniature Circuit Breakers

Increase performance and save space with our Hydraulic Magnetic miniature circuit breakers.

The new universal-voltage HB-SERIES Circuit Breaker from Weidmuller is the latest addition to our Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers lineup. It features modularity, ease of use, and space-saving well beyond that of conventional circuit breakers.

The operational universal-voltage ranges from 240VAC/80VDC for 1 and 3 Poles, and 120/240VAC/80VDC for 2-Pole variants, which are available in 0.5-32 Amps in instantaneous, short, medium and long delay curves.

Features & Benefits

Visual Operational Indicator

  • Green/Off – indicates physical contacts are open allowing work on downstream circuit to be carried out safely.
  • Red/ON – “Circuit is Live” Conforms to IEC/EN 60947-2 for industrial isolation

Finger Safe Terminals

  • Touch safe with captive screws

Rising Conductor Cage Clamp

  • Excellent retention of ferruled, solid, or stranded wire.

Multi-stage Arc Extinguishing Chamber

  • Compact and well-proportioned blowout arc grid plates work to draw out, split, reduce, and extinguish arcs caused when opening a circuit.

Additional Features & Benefits

Advance Hydraulic Electromagnetic Tripping Mechanism

  • Hydraulic oil viscosity creates time lags longer or shorter at cold or hot temperatures
  • No thermal element, therefore resettable immediately after close
  • No derating necessary, 100% rated breaker
  • High Shock and Vibration endurance, 10G and 5G respectively.

Spring Loaded Metal DIN Rail Locking Clip

  • For superior shock and vibration resistance, and hold on all types of TS35 DIN rail.

Approval Rating

  • cULus Listed UL489

Black V-0 Flame Retardant Casing

  • RoHS approved
  • Burning stops within 10 seconds, limits drops of plastic to not be inflamed.

Immediate Reset Toggle Switch

  • No thermal elements, no heat build-up, thus no “cooling off” period is required after a fault.Maximum Operation Working Environment

Maximum Operation Working Environment

  • -40 ± 85 °Celsius
  • Altitude: ≦ 2000m

Auxiliary Switch and Trip Alarm Features

  • Auxiliary switch
  • AC and DC voltages
  • IEC 60947-5-1 Pending (6 A 250 Vac, 0.5 A 110 Vdc)
  • Factory fitted
  • Attached to right hand side of circuit breaker
  • Compact 6.5 mm width


  • AC branch circuit protection
  • Telecom / datacom equipment
  • Lighting control
  • UPS Equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Mobile power-generation equipment
  • Railway signaling equipment
  • Residential equipment
  • Industrial equipment


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